Winamp Skin: Inori Yuzuriha

Alright, Inori is here and is now available in Winamp skin format. Too bad I can’t get her with her usual sensual outfit or else it is not suitable for a Winamp skin. So here is a temporary skin you can enjoy until I get a better picture of her.

Skin Name: Inori Yuzuriha

File Size: 1.18 MB

Color Theme: Red


Note: Installation and usage of this skin can be observed on the Winamp section. Also, please support our blog by disabling adblock and clicking the advertisement that is shown here. Your contribution in clicking the advertisement will benefit the blog so we can improve a lot of things in the blog. Happy downloading!


4 responses to “Winamp Skin: Inori Yuzuriha

  1. This will work until something else comes up. As usual, it is awsome!
    Now we run the possibility of havine two winamp skins with Inori Yuzuriha which is even better than one.

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