Desktop Goodies: Cute Dog Girl Rainmeter

I was not sure if I really wanted to post this one or not but hopefully it turns out better than the last release. The design is similar to the last one except I had to change the cat to a dog. I made a really bad mistake of thinking that this was a cat. It obviously is a dog but I was not paying attention at the time. Anyway I think this dog girl is adorable and the collar is still awesome. This is actually the picture I based my collar and bell off of. I shifted a few things around to make the skin look better. Hope you like it. Enjoy!

Skin Name : Cute Dog Girl

File Size : 171 KB

Color Theme : Brown

Download :

Note: Installation and usage of this skin can be observed on the Rainmeter section. Happy downloading!  Also, please support our blog by disabling adblock and clicking the advertisement that is shown here. Your contribution in clicking the advertisement will benefit the blog so we can improve a lot of things in the blog. Happy downloading!


6 responses to “Desktop Goodies: Cute Dog Girl Rainmeter

  1. hey geassDZ, i use winxp, and when i open this skin it appear a message :”win7AudioPlugin.dll not found”,can you tell me how use volumn change button in winxp, and where i can download plugin audio

    • I am having trouble finding any piece of code that might help. I will try to fix it but it is going to be a while. This week is going to be hard on me. So many projects, exams, and finals are happening that it is going to be hard for me to work on the skin. In fact I probably won’t be doing my daily skin releases unless it is something I throw together in a few minutes. I will try to fix this when I can. Depending on how much you know about programming you could try to edit my skin with the code in the skin I posted. You would think they would have a plugin for winxp volume control.

    • I did not forget about your request for me to help you with the win xp sound control but you cannot use the plugin for sound control on win xp. I have not had time to look for a different solution yet. Are you still needing help with this? It might be difficult to install but if I can find a way for you to have volume control do you still want it?
      If not I will go ahead and tell you how to delete the volume control so you don’t have errors when you run the skin.
      You must delete the following code:
      LeftMouseDownAction=!execute !Execute [!RainmeterPluginBang “MeasureCurrentVolume ToggleMute”][!RainmeterHideMeter MeterUnmute][!RainmeterShowMeter MeterMute][MeasureCurrentVolume][MeterVolumeBarMeasure][!RainmeterRedraw]
      make sure you leave the code that is past this point in the code because it does other important things

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