Desktop Goodies: Chibi Neko SOS Brigade Rainmeter

I am very excited about releasing this one. I put a lot of effort into this guys. I learned how to use the NowPlaying.dll plugin so it works with almost any media player you type in. The default is Winamp because that is what I have right now. The main box is media player and CPU stats It has the basics like username, time, date, cpu %, memory, swap, C:\, D:\, IP Address, Net Out, and Net In. The new plugin doesn’t allow playlist to be stored so those buttons were a waste to make… but that is just me ranting. The media player displays the album art, rating stars, name of song, artist, album, time played, total time, percent of song finished, and media players volume level. It has the standard media player like buttons previous, play/pause, next, stop, shuffle on/off, repeat on/off, mute/unmute, volume up, volume down, open media player, and close mediaplayer.  The skin also has a picture frame built-in. You access this by clicking on Koizumi’s face. If you want to go back to the mediaplayer you click on Yuki’s face. The picture frame is just a picture frame you have to type in an image path in the setup program but I will talk about that later in this post. The images display at whatever rate you type into the delay time in the setup program. If you click Kyon’s face you get the notepad part of the skin. It is just like all my other notepads except it is much bigger. So Kyon is notepad, Koizumi is the picture frame, Yuki is the media player, and Haruhi is the hide box button. If you click on Haruhi’s face it hides the box like I did with my recent notepads. Hmmm did I forget to say anything… oh you need to run the RunThisFirstToSetUp.ini to setup the skins personal variables. I could have just had you type it directly in the code but this way is more user-friendly. Because this skin is using the new plugin for media players please tell me if you have problems. I just learnt how to use the plugin tonight, so there might be an issue I don’t know about. The chibi neko versions of the SOS Brigade are sooooo cute :3 This was fun to make but I really should be doing stuff for finals, so I will post this awesomeness and get back to work ^_^ Hope you like the skin. Enjoy!

Update: For help with this skin please visit: if that does not help leave a comment on that page and I will get back to you as soon as I can. For a list of players visit: this is the plugin I used so this page might help you

Skin Name : Chibi Neko SOS Brigade Rainmeter

File Size : 195 KB

Color Theme : Mainly Brown, Blue, Red, Yellow, Silver, White, & Black

Download :

Note: Installation and usage of this skin can be observed on the Rainmeter section. Happy downloading!  Also, please support our blog by disabling adblock and clicking the advertisement that is shown here. Your contribution in clicking the advertisement will benefit the blog so we can improve a lot of things in the blog. Happy downloading!


23 responses to “Desktop Goodies: Chibi Neko SOS Brigade Rainmeter

  1. WOW DZ! This is really awesomeee!!
    Glad you put a lot of effort in this, thanks :DD
    Can’t wait to try this :)

  2. wow this skin ROCK!!
    but i have some problem with it. I’m using iTunes . I don’t know what to do. the info not appearing like title and artist. the album art won’t show up and some button not function properly. i hope you will do something about this. thank you.

  3. Thanks for the instructions. but i guess my problem is, whenever i click The “Input XXXXX Here” thing, something pops up and shows “Unknown !bang: !Command Measure”
    i can’t even edit anything. Is there something wrong with the settings of my computer??

    • I included manual instructions on the site with the pictures if you want to try that. What version of Rainmeter do you have that could be the problem? If all else fails I can work with you to get it working, I have my final final tomorrow so I will finally be able to work on things again finally lol ^_^

      • Yes i saw the manual. But i can’t even paste the locations or edit anything in the black box.
        Mine is Version 2.1.0. is that an old version?
        Haha, really? Then all the best for your finals! C: Thanks a lot for trying!

    • Well you have the same version I do although apparently if you want iTunes to work you might need the 2.2 beta or something like that. ^_^ Also when I said manual instructions, I meant how to do it without the black box. Here is a copy of the instructions anyway:

      Ok I might as well include the way to manually edit the skin instead of using my input box skin. First you need to set the ImagePath variable to whatever path your image is at. It will be something like “C:\Users\YourName\Pictures\” and you need to make sure whatever path you use has the \ at the end or it won’t work. After you set the ImagePath find the UpdateDivider variable this is the delay for the picture frame. Whatever number you type in will be the amount of seconds your pictures display before changing to a new picture. Once you have the UpdateDivider set you need to find the Player variable. It would be back up at the top with the other variables. It should say Player=Winamp you need to change Winamp to whatever player you want to use that is on this website: After you do that you are done you do not have to run the setup software, if you did this manually, it does the same thing just without you having to look for the code.

      I am going to go ahead and warn you iTunes has issues with NowPlaying.dll and after reading forums about it you need to install the latest beta version of Rainmeter ( and you might have to reinstall iTunes.

      • Owhh okay. I’ll try it again one more time.
        I’m not an iTunes user, i’m using winamp.

        If i have any problems, i’ll ask you again. Thanks a lot for your time, DZ :)

      • Owh hey! It’s working fine now. I had to update my Rainmeter for it to work.
        Just a question, can i adjust the size of the picture frame? It squeezes all my pictures :/

    • Yeah you can adjust the size of the picture frame. Do you know how? If not are you wanting it to be taller, wider, shorter, or thinner? If you do change the size you need to change the size of the outline and the “shine” as well. If you can tell me about what size you want I can do it.

  4. Didnt work for me, I use win7 ultimate,intel i5,Nvidia….I even cannnot click “Input image here”,so I put on edit rainmeter,and still doesnt work….

    • Can you tell me which part didn’t work? How did you edit the skin? If you don’t mind, tell me what media player you want to use and give me the path to your images and tell me the delay you want the images to have. I will fix it and give you the code so it should work. Also just as a warning if you have not updated Rainmeter in a while it won’t work because it uses a new plugin that only works with version 2.1 and above I think. Oh before I forget, iTunes doesn’t like the new plugin either but that is expected of iTunes, always causing problems for people.

  5. Oh,so where i can update rainmeter…??? I juz edit skin based on your tutorial,but maybe my rainmeter is outdate..(i never update it..)

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