Pragmatic Gumi PSP Theme

This theme is created using images from the rainmeter theme Pragmatic 2.0. This theme features the vocaloid Gumi! as the pragmatic rainmeter showcase the hint of green in its pattern. In the future, i will make special individual vocaloid theme.

Skin Name: Pragmatic Gumi PSP Theme

File Size: 357 KB

Color Theme: Green


Note: To install this theme, put the downloaded .ptf file in X:\PSP\THEME where X is your PSP memory card. If you do not have a THEME folder make a new folder and name it THEME and store the file in there. Afterward, disconnect your psp and on the psp menu screen, go to settings – theme settings – theme – (select the theme you want to apply). enjoy!
Helpful Picture:


4 responses to “Pragmatic Gumi PSP Theme

  1. The download link is missing the ‘href’ and ‘target properties on the ‘a’ tag.

    I’m not a great fan of square icons but nice themes nonetheless =)

    • I apologize, for the inconvenient. the link is now fixed, it was my fault for not testing the link after the post. i would have to agree with you on the square icons. however, the 8bit depth png limit a lot of options. though, i will try to perfect a better icon style.

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