Desktop Goodies: Neko Miku Hatsune Rainmeter

My last final is today ^_^. I decided that I would make a basic rainmeter this time. It uses the nowplaying.dll plugin but I got rid of the input box method because that just causes issues with some computers I guess. The picture is a cute neko Miku with short hair. You cannot even tell that I had to make half of one the ears in the picture. The skin is pretty much self explanatory for what everything does. On a random note, I am starting on a few Christmas themed skins that I will hopefully get done with before Christmas. I am not sure what I am going to make for each picture, but I have a bunch of pictures that are in process of getting cleaned up.(I made a post about my Christmas Rainmeters on this page Sorry I have been too busy to make anything recently. Hope you like the new skin. Enjoy!

Skin Name : Neko Miku Hatsune Rainmeter

File Size : 143 KB

Color Theme : Blue-Green, Turquoise, Black & White

Download :

Note: Installation and usage of this skin can be observed on the Rainmeter section. Happy downloading!  Also, please support our blog by disabling adblock and clicking the advertisement that is shown here. Your contribution in clicking the advertisement will benefit the blog so we can improve a lot of things in the blog. Happy downloading!


7 responses to “Desktop Goodies: Neko Miku Hatsune Rainmeter

  1. thanks DZ, but i go to web by my dad ‘s laptop, my desktop is on 2nd floor, net cable at 1F for my dad desktop(so he can switch cable to laptop) and my computer don’t have internet connection, i use rainmeter 1.2 ver because the last rainmeter is ver 2.1, and it need connect to internet to install, i can’t find where to download rain 2.1 full ver so i just satisfy my rain 1.2 ver because long time i download skin of kazasou and it doesn’t have a trouble, now some thing trouble with new code and some dll in 1.2 ver don’t have,i think in ver 2.0 and above can run it, so do you know where i can download full ver without connect internet,
    sorry because i don’t know english well

    • Oh yeah I am using the new plugin they created for the newer Rainmeter. I downloaded Rainmeter from the Rainmeter website so I cannot really help you with that. If you tell me which media player you are wanting to use, I can make an alternate skin for the older format, although it will not have album art.
      I am not sure but you might be able to download Rainmeter and then transfer it over to your computer. I have not tried that yet. How do you get your skins to the other computer? If you use a flashdrive you might be able to install the latest Rainmeter by taking the installing exe file to your computer and running it. I do not know if it requires internet to install Rainmeter once you have the .exe file.

  2. i nt sure wat to change to put the winamp link into the rainmater. i read the note in the rainmater u make but i cant quite understand where needed to change the ‘player=value’

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