Desktop Goodies: Ice Queen Rainmeter

Finals are over ^_^. I decided to dig up an old unfinished skin and finish it. I do not know if the picture actually comes from any series. I think it is just some amazing custom art that someone made. Anyway, there are two different download links. One is the Ice Queen With Snow and the other is without snow. I split the files into two different downloads because the one with snow is a large file size compared to all the other Rainmeters I have made. So for those who want a smaller file size, go with the one that does not have the snow button. To tell you the truth I am not exactly sure if I like the full screen snow feature. I sort of threw it together because I thought it would be a funny extra. The only real difference between the skins is the size and the added button. Also this only works with Winamp. I did not want to convert the code I already had done over to nowplaying.dll code. It seems like nowplaying.dll is causing people problems anyway. Hope you like the skin. Enjoy!

Update: December 15, 2011 I changed the button images into snowflakes you will need to re-download sorry guys but it looks better.

Skin Name : Ice Queen With Snow Rainmeter

File Size : 1145 KB

Color Theme : Mainly Blue

Download :

Note: Installation and usage of this skin can be observed on the Rainmeter section. Happy downloading!

Skin Name: Ice Queen Without Snow

File Size : 239 KB

Color Theme : Mainly Blue

Download :

Note: Installation and usage of this skin can be observed on the Rainmeter section. Happy downloading!

Here is the original background that everyone is talking about:


25 responses to “Desktop Goodies: Ice Queen Rainmeter

  1. This is a great design, DZ. Too bad the player button seems a little bit off or doesn’t fit to the theme. Maybe a snowflake player button would be appropriate?

    • Yeah that would be better. I just got lazy last night. When I change the buttons should I do some sort of announcement post to say I fixed the buttons? Also about the snowflake button idea, do you think they should be solid color versions of my box snowflake or do you have a better idea? I will play around and see how stuff looks.

    • I changed the buttons now that I have the extra time. I like the new buttons. I will do an announcement post tomorrow after I wake up. (As you can see on the skin it is 4:34 am my time). I sort of stayed up talking to my family since I got home for my Christmas Break from college lol

  2. I knew people would like the background that is the reason I used it when I took the screen shot ^_^
    Just to confirm what has already been said it is Inori from Guilty Crown. I am currently watching that series and she looks good in her black feather outfit lol. Also if you pay very close attention to the tips of her hair they are pink the artist appears to have wanted her hair to look different when the sunlight hits her head. Oh lol the window is stained glass that would explain the color change even more than plain sunlight.

    • ah ok i see what u mean….reason y i said that is cause in ep 6 as well as in OP…she looks like that 1 girl with orange hair that u see briefly.

  3. How to edit snowflakes legth? snowflakes doesn’t fit my laptop screen T_T 17″ res1920x1080. Thx before for awesome skins ^^

    • Considering the original size of each slide in the photo was something like 10240×7680, you might be able to resize the snow without messing up the resolution. But you need to keep the picture ratio the same. As for how to resize take your screen length multiply by 4, change the length to that number. the width should change automatically if you have the keep aspect ratio option on. If you try to resize and it doesn’t work let me know and I will see what I can do. I will have access to my computer later on so I will be able to help you then.

  4. I just change bitmap frames and extend to 3, the snowflakes fit 90% of my screen but the snowflakes strange, it goes down, up, and down again. i don’t know anything about resize, etc..

  5. The first pic, it’s the same wallpaper I’ve had for months now o_O

    And thanks for the guilty grown wallpaper.

  6. i changed bitmap extend and frames to default, replacing the pitcures. the snowflakes only show at top of the screen. Anyway, thanks for your hard work! Im fine with current skins :D (currently starting to learn editing skins..)

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