Nichijou PSP Theme

I apologize for the inactivity of my absences, as my computer acquired a renewal. Now presenting, the Nichijou PSP Theme requested by kawoski. I took a few samples from the past google chrome theme and then i looked into Konachan for more images. Turns out konachan has quite a few selections as well as sakamoto! which gave me the idea to have sakamoto icons. It was entertaining to scroll around the menu.

Skin Name: Nichijou PSP Theme

File Size: 207 KB

Color Theme: White


Note: To install this theme, put the downloaded .ptf file in X:\PSP\THEME where X is your PSP memory card. If you do not have a THEME folder make a new folder and name it THEME and store the file in there. Afterward, disconnect your psp and on the psp menu screen, go to settings – theme settings – theme – (select the theme you want to apply). enjoy!
Helpful Picture:


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