Desktop Goodies: NepGear Rainmeter

Well I got distracted from my Christmas skin project with an experimental skin using an include file. The skin pictures are all NepGear from Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2. I think they are all from the second game, whatever they are great pictures and I am still a fan of the outfits. This skin is different from my previous skins because it uses an include file (.inc) for the variables which reminds me of header files for C++ in some ways. Anyway this skin uses the NowPlaying.dll plugin so you will have to change the name of the media player from Winamp to whatever player you use. Instead of editing the .ini file you need to open the in notepad and change Winamp to iTunes or whatever media player you use. I would prefer that you not edit any of the other variables but if you want different colors for bars and stuff that is fine too. Once you have changed the player name to the player you are using save the file and refresh the skin. The skin has multiple invisible buttons that do a variety of things. The screen shot shows the location and the function of all the invisible buttons. I really like this skin myself. Sorry about the slow release of the Christmas skins. I have been getting stuff ready for Christmas at my house and have not had the chance to make another Christmas skin. Well I hope you like the new skin. Enjoy!

Edit: If it doesn’t work try updating Rainmeter. Here is a link:
If that link doesn’t work go to and look for version 2.2 beta download link.

Edit: I have uploaded a new file it contains a second version of the skin that works without the include file. You will have to edit the .ini file to change media players. I know that a recent version of iTunes will only work if you update Rainmeter. I edited a couple things in the skin as I reread every line of the code file trying to find the code that keeps refreshing Rainmeter on some computers. I am using Windows Vista on my crappy computer so I am not sure why it doesn’t work on others. Just try to use the other version of the skin that doesn’t use the include file and hopefully it works. I am running out of things to change in this skin. Here is the second version of the skin running on my computer. The message is showing the current song and the character image is the alternate image and the box is on stats. I have at least one person that says it works now with the new version I uploaded. New version of the skin is actually better than the first so I recommend redownloading it even if you already did. Both the include version and the non-include version were edited when I fixed the skin. If the old version of the skin still works on your computer you can keep it. If you want the ability to toggle between the two messages instead of hiding the message you should download again.

Skin Name: NepGear Rainmeter

File Size: 414 KB

Color Theme: Pink, Purple, Light Blue, & Black


Note: Installation and usage of this skin can be observed on the Rainmeter section. Happy downloading!


11 responses to “Desktop Goodies: NepGear Rainmeter

  1. hmm ,i got problem with the skin~when i toggle to change the character, it will switch back to original one~
    din’t any ppl meet same problem ?

    • I had someone else with the same problem. I am not sure why the skin works perfectly on my computer but not on yours. I guess I should start asking is rainmeter updated on your computer? What operating system are you using? What else could be causing this… I guess you are not accidentally clicking the refresh button… the first thing you could try is to open the include file and then go to the edit skin option. Select all the code in the include file, copy it, and paste it over the variables part of the skin code. The only other thing I can think if is somewhere in the code it says !refresh instead of !refresh#CURRENTCONFIG#

    • Actually the very first thing you should try is updating rainmeter. If you don’t have the latest version and if you want iTunes you will need the beta version.

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