Game Talk: Gears of War 3 Part 1 – Campaign

Well, hey guys…I know. Don’t even get me started on the whole why I wasn’t present for half a year thing. I get it, like really. Anyways, I hope everyone had a nice holiday and all, cause mine really rocks, especially during boxing day (yes, I went game buying crazy – this topic one the most). I also want to welcome whoever new author(s) I didn’t meet yet while I was inactive. Before I get started on my topic today, I just want to outline a few posts that I’ll start to write about in the next few weeks or so, depending on my filled exam schedule in January. I’ve decided that I’m going to add maybe one or more game reviews, then start a new corner called “Song Request”. Yes, it’s basically a post where others, well, mostly my friends, have a song that we both like and I’ll post it up to share with everyone else. Then after that, I’d continue posting some new music over the time that I missed, maybe once in a while putting up a spotlight for a certain things I think might be interesting, etc…and yeah. So be on the lookout for those, and that’s all for now.

So this here is, finally, Gears of War 3, which if you gears fans know, the finale of the Gears series. It is developed by Epic Games and helped by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox 360 console exclusively. It was originally supposed to be released on April 2011 but due to slow development, the date had been pushed back to September of the same year.

Now, before I get started on the plot and basics, the point of me calling this post game talk and NOT game review is that I may or may not be biased on several topics. Since I’m only stating my opinion, I could be wrong at some parts. Also, this game is generally large in varieties, so I’ve decided to split this talk into parts, depending on how much I’m covering. Oh, and if you guys don’t want to get spoiled before playing, I don’t recommend you to read this because it’ll give away the story.

The plot/beginning of the game starts two years after the ending of Gears of War 2, which means 2 years after the sinking of Jacinto. The Coalition of Ordered Governments (COG), has already disbanded 18 months ago ever since head leader Chairman Prescott left. The rest of the old COG forces had been fighting from Locust attacks to the even more dangerous enemy, the Lambent (imulsion fueled locust that explode in contact). With Vectes gone, they had no choice but to flee back to the mainland on their last ship, CNV Sovereign.

As like the previous games, you start out as Marcus Fenix, a war hero who was later imprisoned in the Slab because of his failure to listen to orders by trying to save his father Adam Fenix, an infamous scientist. The game starts out like Gears of War 1 except it was Marcus’s dream world where he remembers the last time seeing his father, thinking his father is already dead. Pretty soon, Marcus and his allies Dom, Jace and Anya (now a frontline gear) had found out that Prescott came back, along the way giving Marcus a mysterious data disk. When the group played what was on the disk, they soon came to realize that Adam did not die and he was still alive somewhere.

 All of a sudden, lambent forces has struck the ship, causing critical damage and soon enough blowing up the entire ship. Marcus and co. has managed to escape just in time before the explosion hit them but afterwards, their whereabouts became unknown…

Meanwhile, the other part of Delta Squad – Cole and Baird, along with Clayton Carmine and Sam were in Hanover, Cole’s hometown, looking for supplies they could find from stranded camps. In this part, the player’s character switches from Marcus to Cole, who is leading this group. Cole’s group looks around many different stranded camps, with some who were willing to cooperate to some who just didn’t care. When Marcus’s situation got reported back to them, Cole and his squad had decided to help kill the Lambent forces that are trying to destroy the ship by heading to the bridge that was directly overhead the ship at that time and dropping ticker bombs (refer back to GoW 2 for more info). It turned out that it wasn’t so great of an idea, because when the lambent fish exploded, the ship went down. Later, both squads were reunited once they all located Prescott, who died soon after they rescued him from the explosion. Before he died, he explained everything to Marcus on his father’s whereabouts and where he hid him – Azura.

Prescott had told Marcus and the rest to head down to Anvil Gate where Hoffman knows the rest of the information needed to find Azura. So taking one long trip full of lambent and locust surprises, they make it to Anvil Gate, which once used to be a war zone operation now abandoned. After a brief meeting with Hoffman and Bernie, an old gear that had unknowingly disappeared but came back, the group were soon attacked by more frequent forces, including a death match between a lambent berserker. When all the mess were cleared, more info had been uncovered as the group found out that Azura is a man-made island where the only passageway to get inside it was an underwater submarine, as the surface is heavily guarded with locust and a giant man-made hurricane barrier.

However, once the forces had found a submarine, they need the imulsion fuel to power it up so Dom tells everyone to head down to Mercy, even though many were concerned to go there because that was his wife’s hometown and his wife is no longer living. Nevertheless, without the fuel, that was their only choice. Marcus, Dom, Sam, Jace and Anya continue to travel down to Mercy.

To be continued…

Okay, I’m going to cut it off here for now. Wait for part 2 which I’ll probably finish the rest of the campaign story. If you guys have any questions, try looking at the previous games to get yourself filled in or just search up in wiki, etc. Since I’ve played all the games and have read all the books (except the second – I’m halfway through that), I know pretty much all the insides and outsides of the Gears world so asking me here is okay as well. I’ll try my best to answer it. Well, that’s it from me today – I gotta start work.


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