Desktop Goodies: White Heart Rainmeter

I am finally back at my college and have internet access again. I also got my Wacom Bamboo Create pad thing that came with Photoshop Elements. I am learning how to use it as I make my new skins. Anyway back to why I have been offline. I was so busy it was not even funny and my house has a small usage limit for the internet. That is the main reason I did not get very many skins uploaded besides having way too much to do. I made another Hyperdimension Neptunia skin, the character is White Heart / Blanc. She is not really my favorite character but I like her hair and outfit in her goddess form. It is hard to find good pictures of her. Even though I have internet access again, I will not have a lot of time because of my classes. I am still going to post skins, it just will be less often than it used to be. As for instructions for the skin, it is similar to my Nepgear Rainmeter but I had to remove the hide feature. No matter how hard I looked I could not find a full body image of her. The top left button toggles both the character image and the menu box image. The middle button is still the refresh button and the top right button is now the media player/computer stats button instead of the hide button. This skin uses NowPlaying.dll so you will have to rename Winamp to iTunes or whatever player you use. Hope you like the new skin, there will be more of the Neptunia characters in the future. Enjoy!

Update: Well I just found out I accidentally forgot to change the name of the .ini file for this skin. It still works and technically it doesn’t need to be fixed. If you care about the name I changed it from nepgearwithoutinclude.ini to WhiteHeart.ini. Sorry about that I normally change the name at the very beginning if I want to use the same design as an older skin.

Skin Name: White Heart Clock

File Size: 372 KB

Color Theme: Light Blue & White


Note: Installation and usage of this skin can be observed on the Rainmeter section. Happy downloading!


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