Winter 2012 Anime – First Impressions Pt. 2

Hello everyone, I’m back with part two of my First Impressions on the Winter 2012 Anime Lineup! Just as with the previous, this season has produced a bountiful amount of good shows, with more to come. I don’t really have much else to say here, so without further ado, please enjoy!

Brave 10
Yet another show that has impressed me thus far! Brave 10 is a historical anime that is supposedly based around the ten legendary warriors assembled by the warlord Sanada Yukimura in 1600, during the Sengoku Era. I, personally, love to see this genre. Japanese history and mythology has always been fascinating to me. Brave 10 does a good job of putting a not too over-the-top spin by adding fantasy elements, mostly to the combat. The art and animation, especially during the action scenes, looks very good. With just the right amount of blood, a smooth pace, and a touch of witty banter, the entire experience feels just right. I highly recommend Brave 10 for action/adventure lovers everywhere.

Kill Me Baby!
Ah, the wonderful world of the “Slice of Life” genre! For those of you who recall Nichijou from the Summer line-up last year, Kill Me Baby! isn’t much different – a great thing for fans of the genre. Prepared to be tossed head-first into the life of a highschool girl and her friend – an expert assassin. However, this cute little assassin can talk the talk, but not always walk the walk. The characters are simply adorable, especially the ninja who relies a bit too much on her “ninja arts”. The cute, not-overly-detailed character designs – and art overall, complements the loose humor tone that is ever so common in this genre. Not all of the jokes are completely original, but hey, it is still very funny at times. I should also mention that this series is based off of a 4-panel manga (again, much like most “slice of life” shows). If you plan to check out Kill Me Baby!, just relax, enjoy yourself, and don’t take it too seriously.

Highschool DxD
Oh boy, this is going to be an interesting series. Those pure of heart might want to steer clear; Highschool DxD is not afraid to play dirty. Fortunately, this particular anime sticks out from the ecchi genre, specifically with its interesting cast of characters. I can’t say that the plot is completely original (highschool boy finds himself surrounded by demon girls, ecetera ecetera), but for a first episode it flowed nicely. I enjoyed how the episode maintained a steady (albeit naughty), not overpowering humor tone throughout, even during a serious scene. The characters, too, balance each other nicely, and the voice acting surprised me. If you are a bit uncomfortable with seeing some naughty scenes, then Highschool DxD is probably not for you. Otherwise, ecchi+shounen fans, enjoy!


5 responses to “Winter 2012 Anime – First Impressions Pt. 2

    • Well, I hate to be harsh towards a series that has hardly displayed its full potential; keep in mind, these are impressions and not full reviews. And quite frankly, I tend to enjoy most anime that I watch, and being overly negative makes me feel like a bad guy! Yet I agree that I should toughen up a bit, considering my positive reviews far outweigh my negative ones.

      • Personally, I think it’s perfectly fine. The world needs more people who aren’t jaded and super-critical, people who simply know how to enjoy things.

  1. brave 10: never heard of

    kill me baby: This would be interesting. Reading the 4komas, it has a taste of Full Metal Panic Fumoffu because the girl who tends to overreact in a similar manner as Sousuke.

    High School DxD: Read 5chapters in manga. Has potential, but could also go down the drain as with many other similar ecchi series (you know who you are…)

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