Game Review: Ace Combat – Assault Horizon

After more than a month aiming at this game to lower its price, I finally get a hand in playing Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. Just so you know, I’m not an avid Ace Combat gamer so this experience is completely new to me.

I really enjoy Call of Duty so I guess Ace Combat would be the same in my expectation. And guess what, this game exceeds my expectation.

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is probably one of the most action pack cinematic-oriented war themed game I have ever played. You get a vantage point in being the pilot of a fighter jet, apaches, AC-130, and other planes.

In the fighter jet mission mode, you will be engaged in an exciting dogfight combat style, that surely will jizz your pants off. I was shouting and screaming my way out during my experience in playing this game. I guess this is one of the fun games I have ever played. I always love a fast-paced action game and Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is one of those kinds.

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon also employs 3 different views for fighter jet mode: first person, cockpit view, and 3rd person view. I personally love the 3rd person vew since I can get a hold of looking at the bad-ass fighter jet I’m controlling. Furthermore, what makes this game more exciting is that you will get many assortments of mission that will not bore you such as total elimination, rescue & protect, landing sequence, refueling sequence, scouting, anti-air/ground mission, and so on.

Another feature worth mentioning is the graphic quality of this game is just staggering. The detail of the map is just too cool to handle and since we are engaging in a modern warfare period, we could experience a very exciting real place such as Carruth, Dubai, and other mission area.

All and all, I really like this game and looking forward to the experience in playing online.


3 responses to “Game Review: Ace Combat – Assault Horizon

  1. I dunno, my friend who’s the biggest Ace Combat fan had this to say when I asked him how the game was: “Horrible. Don’t get it, don’t try it, don’t even touch it.”

    The damage rendering looks pretty sweet though.

    • Well, the complain from the hardcore fans probably are the DFM is not realistic and you get a lot of easiness in controlling the fighter jet. Since I’m not a hardcore fan, I think this game is not that horrible. Kind of the Call of Duty version of Ace Combat.

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