Cosplay of the Day : Tiger & Bunny – ブルーローズ(Blue Rose)

Here’s the 2nd cosplay post today, It’s gonna get Icy in here.
I wanted to make a a Super Sonica post today since my list of charaters aren’t on my current PC,
but Blue Rose came out on the news feed of mine so i proceed on with her since she’s kinda in my list too.

She’s a superhero idol by the name of Blue Rose in the anime Tiger & Bunny,
She joined the hero society to become an idol and has the power to manipulate ice.

Her cosplay can only be described by me as SEXY and making it is a pain in a butt,
even if i’m able to make it, my parents will murder me if i cosplay her haha…-sweats-

I can bet that many of her cosplayers will choose to buy her costume instead of wanting to self make it themself.
From the translucent material to her gloves and “tentacles”, If you were to ask me to make it , i would say pass straight away
More ever there’s her “PEPSI NEX” logo on both her gloves and boots is definitely not something that can be draw on by fabric paint,
it’s more of finding those shirt design printing company and the price must hurt alot.

But the difficulties adds on with her glowing ice gun and her super blueish make up.
When i was searching for cosplayers , i noticed that many of them had weird and scary make up, and only minority manage to please me, and also… most of them didn’t carry a gun but subsitute it with a Pepsi bottle… ha?

.          桃色 れく                      WOLF                    ALICE.M                   相葉ノア

            ゆうひ                     mussum                   Tasha                        響華

.                恋-Ren-                                相葉ノア                                 桃色 れく

.                 なくら                                     愛咽                                      N0N

For those who wanna learn how to make her gun,
maybe you can visit here: Part 1 Part 2


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