Cosplayer of the Day: ジェスケ(Jesuke)

I’m back from my chinese new year visiting and such! :)

And today i’m very very free!!
So i’m gonna do 2 posts on Cosplay!! ^ ^

1st of , i’ll like to introduce everyone to a dear singaporean cosplay friend of mine(?), Jesuke :3
We aren’t that close so don’t go harass her  > _ <!!~
Her costumes and props are fully self-made and are always of precise detail, she put lotseffort into them .

She was the one that got me serious in cosplay :)
Before i started cosplaying, I met her working in a small shop that my cosplay friends always hang out at and didn’t know she was such a great cosplay until they told me about her and ask me to check it out.
Instead of people having aims to be as great as KANAME or KIPI etc. ,she was my motivation to for cosplaying , i used to treat her more like  an idol , but as time pass,  i’m treating her more as a cosplay friend :) [but i’m not sure of her hahas~]
There are people telling me that she’s very cold to others because she doesn’t like people making friend with her just because of her fame, but i think those are just false rumors, she’s very very nice in person!

Blog / Curecos / Deviantart Facebook / Fanblog / WorldCosplay

and here is a PV that was made with her and friend:


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