Winamp Skin: Ichigo Mashimaro [ind1]

Lalalala.. my second skin who upload at the randomness thing.. (^_^)v

now ichigo mashimaro time. who doesnt know ichigo mashimaro!? raise your hand!

you dont know? aaa ~_~;

Please dont surprise with the skins size, cause I make this skins with a huge size. dont worry, you can change the size [more smaller even disappear] by clicking the white dot at left of this skins.

Strawberry Marshmallow (苺ましまろ Ichigo Mashimaro) is a Japanese manga series by Barasui about the adventures of four elementary school girls and their older sister-figure.

Skins Name: Ichigo Mashimaro [ind1.0]

File Size: 1.27 mb

Colour: black scarlet.



Note: Installation and usage of this skins can be observed on the Winamp section. Happy downloading!


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