Google Chrome Theme: Blade Wielding Girls 3

Okay, so back with my usual style of Google Chrome theme, here is another series of Blade Wielding Girls Google Chrome theme. I made this a little bit pink with a hint of black so I hope it still looked bad-ass.

Skin Name: Blade Wielding Girls 3

File Size: 683 KB

Color Theme: Pink


Note: An explanation about how to use this file can be observed at the Chrome page. Happy downloading!


2 responses to “Google Chrome Theme: Blade Wielding Girls 3

  1. I always intended to point this to you. I can not install any of your themes on unix based system unless with extracting the source and changing the path.

    The error:
    Package is invalid. Details: ‘Could not load ‘/home/user/.config/google-chrome/Temp/scoped_dir_dI3RKv/CRX_INSTALL/images\bottom.png’ for theme.’.

    Read up:

    • Problem is, I’m using Windows that’s why the path is different when you use a unix-based OS.

      Edit: I took a read on the link you provided me and turns out I just know that Windows can use either slash to determine path. From now on, I will change how I read the path to also comply with Unix-based system. Thanks for pointing that out.

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