Black★Rock Shooter (TV) – First Episode

Hey Everyone!

So I just finished watching the first episode of Black★Rock Shooter (TV). After waiting a while for its premiere, I was pretty excited to finally see it. Unfortunately, I was left a bit of with a sour taste in my mouth.

Now, it is my policy to not completely bash a series after only seeing one episode, but I can’t simply rave about what I saw. It has been almost a year since I first saw the original OVA,and I probably should have re-watched it before diving into BRS TV. As far as the story goes, it is just as chronological as the original; decide for yourself if that is a good thing or not. As you may have known, the premiere date was moved to February, so I expected to see some superb animation. Despite the extra time, some of the animation is a bit lacking during the “school” universe scenes; a majority of the episode. What I was most impressed by is the animation of the fighting scenes in Black Rock Shooter’s universe. You can tell that effort went into that portion of the show, but I just wish that they had displayed more of it. I enjoyed the voice acting, and the art style is just as beautiful as the OVA. As a special treat, the ending song turned out to be “Black★Rock Shooter” sung by the one and only Hatsune Miku!

All in all, as a fan of Black★Rock Shooter and all of its glory I enjoyed watching it. I still have a feeling that maybe it was a project that wasn’t ready to be taken on just yet, but I expect to enjoy the rest. The series will only be eight (if I am not mistaken) episodes long, so you might as well check it out. Nico Nico is streaming the anime with subtitles in a handful of different languages. This will be a short post today, guys. Thank you!



3 responses to “Black★Rock Shooter (TV) – First Episode

  1. I felt the same but for a different reason. Mine was the brutal treatment of BRS and Mato Kuroi just made me angry especially the last scene

  2. I hope I don’t feel that way when I watch it… Though the OVA I would say left me pretty empty(?) though at the same time I’m still impressed by it.

  3. I feel kinda the same way. I am a HUGE fan of the OVA (the ending of the OVA just cut to my core). I knew the TV series was not going to be as good as the OVA and didn’t expect it to be. I guess the inconsistency to the OVA did leave a rather bad taste in my mouth. I just really wanted the show to have picked up where the OVA left off. All in all, I am rather excited to see how this series plays out.

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