Desktop Goodies: Chibi Black Star Rock Shooter Notepad

I needed something to bring me out of this depressive day so I made a simple notepad. The image is a cute chibi Black Star Rock Shooter. I added a little extra to my hide button this time. I wanted to make it a surprise but then I thought people might not like surprises like that lol. The box is my favorite type of color effect and I downloaded a few custom brushes which I used to make the flame button. It took a couple different types of flames to get that but I like it. I will be releasing a chrome theme I made some time ago after I make it Linux compatible. I need to get back to homework now so I will fix the chrome theme and upload tomorrow. For today, hope you like the new skin. Enjoy!

Skin Name: Chibi Black Star Rock Shooter Notepad

File Size: 352 KB

Color Theme: Black & Blue


Note: Installation and usage of this skin can be observed on the Rainmeter section. Happy downloading!


11 responses to “Desktop Goodies: Chibi Black Star Rock Shooter Notepad

    • I assume you can if they meet the quality standards. I usually make whatever I want so I don’t see why not. I do not have control of what you can post you will need to ask Kazasou instead of me lol. Truthfully if I had the time to learn how to edit XML, I would be making Winamp skins in addition to the Rainmeters and Chrome themes.

  1. hhehe.. so i will make the rainmeter too after my monitor back from repair service center. [now, im in net cafe]
    it not save make something at net cafe.. lol.
    and about winamp skin, souza give me some script to make the new trick. i’ll make it too..
    huwaaa.. i have many dream.. hhehe..

  2. hheehe.. dont tell anybody [lol]
    that all of winamp skin souza made, have the same trick. first the opening. when it first load, all the picture move. that because from script opening.maki and second, if you click equalizer, it will change with some cool move. that from eqmain.maki
    to make maki it need some C++ language. and souuza give me this script.

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