Doujin Game: Ougon Musou Kyoku Cross

The second installment of Ougon Musou Kyoku is here! It took a while for me to get a hold of this game since I’m a little bit short in income but at last I finally bought one home.

A little bit note before downloading the expansion patch is you need to install the first version of the game which can be found here.

The expansion pack version of this game includes some changes such as:

– The disc adds 9 characters.

– Semi-new characters: George, Rosa, Jessica

– New characters: Black Battler, Furudo Erika, Dlanor A. Knox

– Black Battler’s ability: Massacre (Gain life from damage dealt).

– Erika’s ability: Force Counter (1 hit or first hit of an attack will be treated as a counter-hit).

– Dlanor’s ability: Armor Boost (Increase defense power).

– Midair Guard system added. (Blocking midair).

– Down Attack system added. (Attacking downed opponent becomes standard).

– Round count added. Life adjustable.

– A lot more illustrations added to Picture Box, both from guests and user submission.

– In the character selection (or Config), you can choose control type between Normal and Princess Mode (Princess Mode allows casual players to do a combo or special move by pressing one button).

– Detailed statistics (clear time, max combo, rating) for each character.

– Input display in Training Mode.

– BGM selection (stage BGMs or boss BGM) for VS Mode and Training Mode.

There will also be an additional character that will be released via patch which will add characters such as:  Lambdadelta, Bernkastel, Willard H. Wright.

Download Link:


12 responses to “Doujin Game: Ougon Musou Kyoku Cross

  1. Brilliant. Didn’t even know this was out, so thank you.
    I adore the original just for being able to play as Lucifer-chan.

  2. how do I install this with the first one? I installed the first one then how will this expansion work with it? thanks

  3. is this english version after i overwrite the files? is the english patch included? because in the picture, it is english.

  4. so what? do i just drag and drop all the files into the first games folder? throw me a bone here!

  5. Hi admin, thank you for sharing this, I’m downloading this right now as well as whitelisting this domain for my adblock (lol), rated this too of course.

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