Doujin Game: Homura Combat

Get a hold of Akemi Homura from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica and wields various of weapon as you destroy enemies that gets in your way (or sometimes, building).

This is a nice third person shooter games with mediocre 3D graphic quality. You will start by wielding an MK-42 and a rocket launcher and will received more various weapon as you progress with your mission.

The control button is your typical W, A, S, D and you can use your mouse to shoot and alternate your weaponry. Your character also has the ability to do time manipulation which may be an advantage to help clear your mission.

Overall, it’s a fun game and unfortunately I can’t find an English patch for it, so you might have to guess on what’s going on in the game.

Download Link:


14 responses to “Doujin Game: Homura Combat

    • If the dll file was d3dx9_43.dll then after you install it put in the Native Dlls folder then in the windows _x86. It should work for you after that. If not then…. I got nothing

  1. i can’t grasp how to stop time, and anytime i press ‘q’ or a few other keys, i get a console screen that dont go away until i close the game. :( if someone now how to exit the console or to stop time, help is appreciated :-)

    • hi, it’s me again.
      i have guessed the problem. it seems that my graphic card should be in a museum, because it doesn’t even suport the grayscale effect of the time freeze. although the bar get consumed, time doesn’t stop at all, and I get the console screen that doesn’t help much. seems that i will need to play without the time freezing power… thanks anyway. :-)

  2. If someone can find a way to mod the game so that it doesn’t show the console screen, it would be much appreciated.

  3. I had the same issue with the console and the time freeze not working. I found out the fix for it, at least on my machine. In the config.exe, set BOTH shader options to “Recommended.” Hope this helps.

  4. mediocre graphics,Are you nuts!
    serious dude ,this game is way better than the last call of duty or shitty american games
    How to recognize a kusoge
    .- It has long intros and movies that dont apport anything to the game besides making it longer (gta saga,call of duty etc)
    .- The graphics dont look anything close to the case cover (again gta saga,call of duty etc)
    .- You have to pass some parts to save that take long time (again gta saga,call of duty etc)
    .- They have tons of bugs (again gta saga,call of duty etc)
    .- The saves get corrupted over time (again gta saga,call of duty etc)
    .- The game stop working because the installation gets corrupted (again gta saga,call of duty etc)
    Well almost evry american game is a kusoge (bully was a kusoge)

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