Selfmade Gintama Movie Poster

I had an assignment a few days ago, My teacher told me to make a movie poster of anything i like,
And now it’s done and i wanna share it :D

One thing i’ll like to seriously highlight is , Sadaharu is a Teacup White Pomeranian and i edited in his Eyebrows~
It would be nicer if they were in Japanese, but since the Japanese character in my school isn’t really Viewable, i used English.
And since the computer there aren’t good, i can only resolve to using google to gather all my picture, so the quality isn’t that good ^ ^.

But i find this very fun and i’ll make more of it next time!! :D!
Hope you use like my fake Gintama movie poster hahas ^ ^

Image Used: Gintama & Friends Sadaharu Hijikata Okita Kamui Sa-chan Kondo Katsura Shinsuke Logo Background 1 Background 2
P.S I lost the link for 3 photos but i’ll try to find them.


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