Film Review: Arthur

So, Valentine has come and for you happy couples who wants to celebrate it by watching a movie and get cozy each other, I would recommend Arthur.

If you are like me, who are constantly bored with sappy romantic film or flat-out weird sparkling triangle romance story which involves three different races, you might want to take the initiative with your partner and recommend watching Arthur.

Now, Arthur is kinda a hybrid between comedy and romance. And it has a proportional amount of romance that is balanced out with a lot of comedy scenes that will keep you engaged in watching.

The story revolves around a multi-billionaire kid who is pretty much spoiled with his life. His parent always cater to his needs with a lot of money and he has his own nanny. Arthur also is a kind of a nerd since he has a lot of cars that come from a movie such as the bat mobile.

Since Arthur is so spoiled, he is pretty much lacks the common sense. You can say his attitude does not comply with his adolescence figure and pretty much childish. Due to his behaviour, Arthur often makes a lot of embarassing conduct which upsets his parent, his mom. Arthur’s mom then thinks Arthur has to be controlled to stop humiliating the family which could destroy the company’s image. So, she sets up a marriage plan between him and another girl.

In the meantime, Arthur was travelling by a car when he suddenly had the urge to go to the street. He met a girl who was conducting tour around New York and mesmerize by her charm. However, now Arthur faces dilemma in either choosing the girl he loves and lose his paren’t money or choose to marry someone he doesn’t love and keep the money.

I must say, Arthur is a type of romance movie that I would like to watch and this is coming from a guy who dejects any sorts of romance film all of his life. Arthur’s story plot is really engaging and hilarious to make sure you will not get bored. However, do not get fooled in it’s comedic ambiance, I also share a moment of sadness in this film and unfortunately, I won’t spoil it and let you experience the emotional roller coaster that this film has to offer.


One response to “Film Review: Arthur

  1. Ahhh, Arthur, I saw this when it was in theatres…..good flick, Russell Brand is a comedy genius. I can’t say no to any of his movies, especially after Get Him to the Greek.

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