Check out GeassDZ next Chrome skin plans and post your comments if you are really looking forward to them or give him hints on how you want the Chrome skins should look like. I know I’m looking forward to his creation of Chocola and Vanilla. Stay tuned!


Due to the positive response I got from my Vanilla theme I have decided to make at least two more themes. First the Chocola version of the Vanilla theme, which is fairly easy considering it is a red version of the Vanilla theme with Chocola as the character instead of Vanilla. I don’t know what image I will be using for the group theme. Which is why I decided to make this post to throw all my images on here and see what other people think.

This is the main image of the next theme it is just here to show the next image as for the toolbar and tab images those will be made later.

Now for the group chrome them I was thinking one of these or maybe a combination of some of them.

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  1. All the themes are lovely, I like the Chocola and Vanilla because they are simple and the characters are well-done. Although, when I saw the characters name I continued to think of Sugar Sugar Rune. With themes I think simple is the best and with not too many characters, I look forward to more themes! 10/10

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