Happy Valentines Day 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody! Although, I wanted to give each of you chocolate, I hope this post will resound my love to all of you RT-ers both authors and readers.

First, I would like to thank Sou-chan for inviting me to this marvelous blog. I enjoy my role as an author and it makes me cheer up to share what I like to everybody.

Second, I would like to thank the skin-makers: Sou-chan, GeassDZ-san, Anz17th-san, KenichiVanhite-san, and Indratama-san, Violent-san. Their contribution has most certainly made my desktop even prettier than before and Violent-san contribution to sig making tutorial makes me want to try something new.

Third would be kanojo-tachi! I thank Lucy-nee for providing awesome wallpaper packs and exciting writings in her world perspective. It’s really inspiring! I also thank for Night-san, whose comments really cheer me up (I wish you were active a lot more!). Then, I love Aiko-san dedication on cosplay post. I always looking forward to your updates in the cosplay section and I just can’t get enough of it. I have already thank Violent-san previously, but just so she wouldn’t feel left out, I love you, Violent-san! For Maddzz-san, Ianah-san, Neru-chan, and Exilo-san, I missed all you your posts and looking forward to your brilliant postings.

Then, the big 3 anime fans, Kesuki-san, Farce-san, and Kaimax61-san. I love all of your post. Thank you Kesuki-san for your posting in music album. I thank Farce-san for his contribution in Black Rock Shooter posts. Also, I thank Kaimax61-san for exciting anime review posts.

For kusanagi53-san, Kazuki-san, VSxERLolitaku428-san, OnimenoJ-san, and Zanafor-san, I may not know you guys very well but I hope we can get along even better in the upcoming days. Thank you for your contribution you have given to the blog!

Last but not least, thank you very much for readers of RT! Without you guys, we won’t have the motivation to go through until what this blog has become. I thank you for all the comments and critics you have posted in this blog that motivates us to become before. Minna, arigatou gozaimashita! Happy Valentine’s Day 2012!


9 responses to “Happy Valentines Day 2012

    • Agreed with Souza-san! Thanks Sylph-chan for the posts of Vocaloid =)
      Happy Valentine’s to everyone! .. !! I forgot to mention happy Valentine on my newest post!! ><;
      *rushes to edit post*

  1. Hey, hey, no worries Sylph-chan! I’m not dead……yet, haha…..well, unless my math & english classes get the better of me, that is. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too, and to pretty much everyone else out there! Oh, did I mention that I will also look forward to your posts as well? I love your Vocaloid song posts!

  2. Ah, it feels nice arriving home to see such a wonderful post. I love your energy in all of your posts, Sylph-chan! I hope that you’ve had a very good day!

  3. Bit late, but happy valentine!

    I got my gf a penguin drum pluchie, but it only arrived today : \. Anyone else got pluchies?

  4. aaaa.. i have read it yesterday, but forget to reply.

    so, happy that day every everyone. thanks for acceptin me at this community.. :)

    peace and love for the world.. (^_^)v

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