Chrome Theme Development

This is a very weird post for me considering I normally just post the finished product. I have finally figured out how to get past the magic number error that I was getting before. That was the entire reason I stopped trying to make the Chrome themes a long time ago. I feel somewhat stupid for this but, just in case you are wondering why that error is happening, you have to use the developers version of chrome to pack the theme. I have never been one to read tutorials but I gave up and looked it up. Anyway now that I can actually compile my Chrome themes I might start making a few. Well actually I have already started to make some lol. I have two Chrome themes in development. I am still trying to figure out what to do with the frame and the toolbar images as well as the windows control buttons background. The first of the themes is this Sayori Neko Works Christmas Vanilla and Chocola theme. Oh I forgot to add the pictures are screen shots of my dual screen that is why it has two pictures just figured I throw that info out there.

I really am not sure if I like this one right now. I will probably redo the toolbar, frame, and buttons; I just do not know what to do with it. I think it needs more white in the toolbar and a different embroidery design. The button may end up being something simple like a cloth like look with a single color. If you want or care you can comment on what you think looks bad or what you like.

Now the second skin has barely been worked on I sort of just threw it together so I could get a screenshot of the image I was using and how it will look. Here is the second theme:

I really don’t know what I am doing for this one I am thinking some sort of orange and blue stripes on black to match the sleeve things. I have not really attempted to make something for this one yet so I don’t have an example for you. Once again if you have an idea or opinion let me know.

On a side note I am collecting cool and useful Photoshop brushes, textures, layer effects, etc… if you happen to  know about a really useful Photoshop toolkit that I can download I would be interested in that too. Sorry this post was supposed to be published hours ago I just got distracted.


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