Anime Spotlight: Another

Hey guys, Night here! Happy Tuesday! Thought I might just share a new interesting anime with you.

One of the newer anime series this winter that started premiering on January 9th. Another is a strictly horror anime that details a certain high school class and the secrets that they would never dare talk about.

General Overview:

In the spring of 1998, Kouichi Sakakibara transfers to Yomiyama Kita Middle School. It doesn’t take him very long to realize that there’s something peculiar about class 3-3. Everyone’s afraid. Of who or what though, he doesn’t know.

While spending some time in the hospital for pneumothorax, Kouichi meets the mysterious but beautiful Mei Misaki, a student who is in the same class as he is. She goes to the basement, saying she must deliver something to her ‘other half’.

When Kouichi and Mei go back to school, Kouichi quickly realizes that no one seems to notice Mei, and no one seems to care about her. He asks his fellow classmates about the girl, but they tell him to stop “hanging out with something that doesn’t exist.”

Kouichi’s about to find out what happened to the class of 3-3. He’s about to find out the truth behind Mei Misaki. First though, he must survive in a world of murder and blood.

“Another” is a different sort of schoolyard horror mystery based on the original novel series.

General Reception:

As ‘Another’ has just premiered, it’s impossible to lay out defined reviews for the series. However, the general anime fandom seems rather satisfied with the series and calls it something that will always ‘keep you guessing’. Granted, the anime starts off with the usual ‘guy moves to weird little town and all these weird things start happening’ (Higurashi much, anyone?), but its Final Destination-esque feel and and brilliant artwork seems to make up for the slight cliches. It is currently ranked as an 8.15/10 on MAL and has a truly strong backing. Perhaps we’ll see this series go somewhere yet.



6 responses to “Anime Spotlight: Another

  1. Ah, yes, Another. So far this series has been an absolute blast. I love the atmosphere and the feeling of only knowing as much as the main character. Horror is always good in my book, and it is a genre that has been missing in the recent seasons.

    • You’re right. In so many other horror anime, you’re shown different perspectives so that when the main guy stumbles upon a situation, it doesn’t surprise anyone because it’s already been explained before by some other character. I love how ‘Another’ keeps us all guessing. Can’t wait for the next episode!

  2. Another is currently on the top of my list where it doesn’t stop surprise me throughout! There’s so much mystery and I can’t stop guessing! Awesome series.

  3. first time i watch this i think this anime is all about mystery but it’s not, it’s better than that..
    i like this kind of anime especially the blood :D

  4. I am quite definitely enjoying Another. It was one of the series that I knew I wanted to watch and it hasn’t disappointed me. There have been a lot of surprises and I see it as a horror mystery. I feel like I have guessed an important part to the plot but that is what makes this show so fun is the guessing game. I hope that it does not have a lukewarm or rushed ending.

    • I also hope that there won’t be a rushed ending. Or if there is, I hope that a second season would be possible.

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