Kirino Kousaka PSP Theme

Another requested Psp Theme by the readers. This is designed using the flower vector from a few common stocks in shutterstock. Its a simple theme until the chibi characters invaded the selection menu. Lately, i’ve been thinking outside the “Box”, by using icons other then boxed designed. The down side to this is the file format being low resolution; However, it works! Enjoy!

Skin Name: Kirino Kousaka PSP Theme

File Size: 331 KB

Color Theme: White, orange, green


Note: To install this theme, put the downloaded .ptf file in X:\PSP\THEME where X is your PSP memory card. If you do not have a THEME folder make a new folder and name it THEME and store the file in there. Afterward, disconnect your psp and on the psp menu screen, go to settings – theme settings – theme – (select the theme you want to apply). enjoy!
Helpful Picture:


13 responses to “Kirino Kousaka PSP Theme

  1. Thanks! I really like this theme! (Not the Mikoto one, unfortunately, as I’m not a fan of fanart.)

    And may I ask what the Ayase chibi is supposed to be for? I see it in the screenshot here, but it doesn’t appear when I install the theme. (._.)?

    • The Ayase Chibi is actually Set as a Default icon, thus when ever you have a icon that is not suppose to be on the regular set of psp icon selections, Ayase will appear as that.

      • Ooohh… Argh! I want her to appear instead of jimi-megane-girl. Is there any way I can change that, or could I just request that from you? ^^

    • Was thinking about it… i could.. attempt. I will make them once i obtain a PsVita that i can test on. In the near future, i will invest in making PsVita themes

    • Thank you for the tip; however, the white border appears because when i shrink the image the image to fit the requirement, it becomes blurry at the edge of the character, thus, the 8-bit png file recognize the blurry edge as white pixel.

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