Winamp Skins: Azunyan Cosplay Miku [ind2.5 perfect version]

Limited edition!! download now, cause I will erase this skins at 19 April 3012. hhehe.. :p

>> Someone will said: hey! why azunyan again? I’ll answer I’ll do what I want. Selfish huh? hhehe.. B)

So why azunyan again? cause Im not satisfied with my precious azunyan skins.
Now the animated star can sincronize with music beat.
That why I named this skins with perfect version.

>> Someone after download and instal this skins will said: hey! where is the player button?
I’ll answer please click the azunyan pict, and the player button will show.

>> Someone after the player button showed will ask: hey! why the animated star is gone?
I’ll answer its for some people [my little sister and my girlfriend] who doesnt like something with blink blink.

>> Someone will sai.. [ooii enough! please just enjoy it] :p

Skins Name: Azunyan Miku [ind2.5 perfect version]

Type: Modern Winamp Skins

File Size: 601 kb

You can download this winamp skins at:

Note: Installation and usage of this skins can be observed on the Winamp section. Happy downloading!

please visit


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