Spring 2012 Anime

Hey everyone,

I’ll save the expected “sorry I’ve been gone” and get right to the point. With the Fall season approaching its end, Spring titles have appeared, and a good amount of them. Check out the chart below for the summaries of the series and OVAs that will be released.


What looks interesting to you?


3 responses to “Spring 2012 Anime

  1. There are a lot of titles that look interesting here especially Accel World and the new Eureka Seven. It’s not in this visual guide but I’m also looking forward to the new Saint Seiya scheduled to start April 1st.
    But the one I’m itching to watch is the 2nd season of Fate/Zero… that cliffhanger was just pure cruelty.

    As for the movies, I’d like to watch the second Scryed Alteration (has the first one even been released in DVD/BD yet?). Deva Zan and Hana no Utame look interesting too.

  2. I’ve been looking forward to Sankarea, Medaka Box, Kimi to Boku 2, and Kore wa Zombie 2, specifically. Mostly because I follow their manga/watched last season. The others I don’t really care for, though I will probably pick a few up.

  3. There are a bunch that look interesting, so far I have:
    -Tasogare Otome X Amnesia, I usualy like anime with mistery and ghost stories.
    -Hyouka, looks like that relaxed, easy going slice of life wich I welcome, I like the character art too.
    -Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? 2, continuing the epic 1st season :D
    -Fate/Zero 2, I still have to watch the 1st season cause I started watching Stay Night a couple day back.
    -Acchi Kocchi, I’m still in doubt about this one, but it looks like a comic reliefer so I’ll give it a try…
    -Sankarea, YAY another anime with a zombie lol, the story seems pretty original so… Yeah.
    -Kimi to Boku 2, it’s the easy going slice of life I talked up there, and with comedy even better, I loved the 1st season…
    -Accel World, I’m not sure about this one too but we’ll see…

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