Doujin Game: Iconoclasts

This is another platformer game with a little bit of adventure in it. You will be controlling Robin, a mechanic, in a world where her hobbies are considered illegal.

Unravel her story as you travel across the map and defeat bosses that are in your way. You also get to solve a lot of puzzles during your adventure and discover items which could power your character up.

This game puts a lot of similarities as IWTBG, but with friendlier environment and cute animation to be mesmerized about.

I personally spend my time a lot with this game during my spare time since it is so exciting to play this game.

Download Link:



12 responses to “Doujin Game: Iconoclasts

  1. I’ve hit a bug in the game. The part where she helps the soldiers with the shape marked crates, the soldiers never moved from their spot and moving the lift will freeze at the top and making a loud buzzing noise (due to the lift slamming it’s sound effects). Exiting and re-entering the area cause the soldiers to disappear. I’ve tried re-downloading the game but it didn’t fix it. Anyway to fix this problem?

    • I think that’s the end of the line for this game. In the official website, the author said “This version of the game ends by some soldiers in the desert that want you to help them”.

  2. I have an issue wit the game. It works normally, but the thing is that the bottom part of the game is missing. Like, where the boss’ health meter shows, I cant see it for some reason. How do I solve this.

  3. For Cristin and others, the game is not finished. There is no indication or guess as to when it will be finished, other than Konjak saying that he wants to finish it.

    As Konjak’s website said, the current playable builds are only alphas. There is a second build, but it ends earlier than the first, and exists mostly to show improvements made since the first alpha. (His web page has download links for both of the current alphas. Again, the game isn’t finished, and likely won’t be for some time to come.)

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