Winamp Skin: KOS-MOS

My favourite battle maiden, Kos-Mos, is now available for you to download. Instead of using the common form, I decided to use this form, since she looked very elegant. Anyway, enjoy the skin, guys!

Skin Name: KOS-MOS

File Size: 1.31 MB

Color Theme: Light Blue

Features: Main Window, Equalizer Window, Playlist Window, Media Library, Notifier Preferences


Note: Installation and usage of this skin can be observed on the Winamp section. Happy downloading!


7 responses to “Winamp Skin: KOS-MOS

  1. i only see a codex page when i try to download it…before it would always auto start to download for me but now its bringing me to a page of its script and have no idea what to do.

      • im just not use to this setup…i got it downloaded but it gave me a zipped files so i unzipped it and see eq,notifier,player,scripts,window,xml,screenshot,and skin (xml doc)… previously i would just double click on the skin to get ti downloaded..what do I do now? used IE to get it downloaded FF still doesnt work.. thanks kazasou.

      • I tried using Firefox and it worked by just clicking the link, you will be prompted to either open the file or save it. When did you try to download last time?

        Alternatively, you can just right click and save link as if Firefox still doesn’t work. Oh btw, Internet Explorer sucks even more.

      • @kyung

        Those files you got after unzipping are supposed to go in a folder inside the skins folder somewhere in where you installed Winamp as this is a skin for WINAMP and not Rainmeter.

        (on a side note Opera ftw :P)

  2. got it…thanks the for the explanation tho i was scratching my head for awhile..thanks keep up your work kazasou everyone looks forward for your new works.

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