Proofing God Exists: Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnibenevolent

It’s been a while since my last post of Proofing God Exists, so let’s take off to another discussion about debunking God existence. As usual, this discussion is intended to debunk most of monotheistic God belief or to be exact, I’m debunking the concept of God from three major religions: Christian, Islam, and Judaism. Although, I probably would argue over using Christian God story as an example since that is the most what I’m comfortable and knowledgeable of. However, this discussion still remains true for the monotheistic God concept.

Theists often believe that God has three main characteristics to be reckoned. God is omnipotent, which means he is powerful and has endless of power. What he will to create, definitely he is able to do so. Next, God is omniscient, meaning that God is knowledgeable of everything, there isn’t a single thing that he don’t know. In short, there isn’t a state where God pose a question that He can’t answer Himself. Lastly, God is omnibenevolent, which mean he is good and loving to all the things he created.

Now, if you haven’t realized that those three attributes of God are somehow conflicting, let me walk you off step by step.

Let’s start by addressing the omnipotent characteristic of God. To make God an omnipotent being, he has to to wield an infinite number of powers. Nothing of sort that he cannot do since he is omnipotent. By that definition, the omnipotence of God really is a dilemma. Take this for example, “Can God create a rock so heavy that he himself could not lift?”. This question puts God being omnipotent into a problematic spot. If he can create such rock  then God is impotent since he can’t lift the rock he created. If God can’t create such rock, then he still impotent for not being able to create that rock.

Second, we observe God’s next characteristic which is God being Omniscient. God is omniscient means that God has the knowledge of past, present, and future. There is nothing that gets by God or not known by God. Again, this premise puts us to another dilemma. I’m taking the dilemma of free will in this case. By saying God is omniscient, God has already the knowledge of each and every person will do. This puts to the argument that God has already know where are we going in the afterlife. And therefore, your existence as a human has already decided whether you will go to heaven or hell.

Not only that, if you read the bible, there are some story that puts God’s omniscience to be questioned. Take Genesis, the story of Adam and Eve for example. God was enraged that Adam has eaten the forbidden fruit and he cast him and Eve to Earth. I take this story to be a little bit odd, since if God omniscient, he clearly already knows that Adam and Eve will definitely eat the apple, rendering the question “Is God baiting Adam and Eve in the first place to cast them to Earth?”. I mean, God clearly planted that tree knowingly Adam will eat it for sure. Next, the story of Noah’s flood comes into mind. In that story, God resented that he has created humans, and warns Noah that he will bring forth flood. This is absurd for an omniscient being to have resentment. How does a being which knows how things will unfold ended up resenting what he has done in the first place? Another story that I like to point out is the Abraham story. God’s put Abraham to test his faith by commanding him to slaughter his son. Again, clearly if God is omniscient, God doesn’t have to command such a feat since he has already know how much faith Abraham has to God.

Lastly, God has omnibenevolent trait which is he is all-loving and care for the life of the universe. The counter to this argument is probably that Hell that God created that promise eternal fiery torture. The concept of eternal torture itself is very cruel. Imagine that your finite crimes in the world when you are alive has to be paid in an eternal torture in hell. I don’t think that’s a concept of God being benevolent. Also, it seems that God requires you to believe in him in order to get to heaven. So in other words, no matter how good you are as a human being, no matter how many lives you help in your life, if you don’t believe in God or perhaps believe the wrong God, you are doomed to hell. Hmm, I don’t think such a benevolent being is compatible with being a narcissist.


9 responses to “Proofing God Exists: Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnibenevolent

  1. Pretty much the same point of view I’ve had for over 35 years now. In particular I started tripping over that last point (regarding hell) when I was about 12 or 13.

  2. No,God not doing this to proof he either omni or not, it juz simply a proof for rest of humanity on explaining what and why, what he could do, and provide a chance, moral, lesson for human..

    • Still doesn’t explain the Omnipotence paradox. And what do you mean by chance? There is no such thing since God has already know what you are going to decide. Hence, such chance is completely fake or in other words: “predetermined”.

  3. Nope. Your argument is invalid. See, even if he does exist, this doesn’t excuse him being a gigantic douchebag now does it? :P

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