IT Project: DFKI Automotive Navigation System

This is a project done by the Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz GmbH (DFKI) that I involved in. The project basically revolves around the development of an automotive navigation system. This automative navigation system has a couple of enhanced features.

The Route calculation features the calculation of the shortest route to arrive at a designated destination. Not much of comment about this feature since it is a basic feature of an automotive navigation system. It also features a text-to-speech synthesizer for notifying the direction to go. Again, not much comment about this basic feature.

What’s interesting about this Automotive Navigation System is that it is equipped with a Street Foresighting System. This feature uses a similar network topology of peer-to-peer which in this case the car that is equipped with the navigation system can broadcast traffic information to other cars. This Street Foresighting System reports traffic congestion status and the system can intelligently redirect any route that is observed to have slow traffic rate.

Not only that, this navigation system is also equipped with obstacle reporting system which is observed by a camera installed in the car. Obstacle such as a broken down vehicle or a road construction can be reported to other cars to avoid any potential accidents to occur.

The system is currently under test and the interaction between the user and the system is temporarily used with a keyboard and mouse.


3 responses to “IT Project: DFKI Automotive Navigation System

  1. Cool I think it is a very interesting project. I think would really improve the GPS systems that we have today. I guess I am curious how it communicates between the vehicles. I am thinking mobile wireless. What part of the project did you do? There is no need to tell me too much detail I know how company secrets work lol.

    • Yes, the cars communicate using mobile wireless to each other. I’m in charge of building the communication bridge between features. Or you can say, I’m building an integrator application.

  2. Leave it to the Germans to create such radical things. It’s cool to know that you’re involved in such a large project such as this.
    Often in the city, my GPS goes haywire no thanks to bridges, tunnels and tall buildings. You guys got around that problem yet?

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