Visual Novel Highlight: Sekai de Ichiban NG na Koi

I feel that it’s time I put my real strength into TRT which is in Visual Novels. I’ve been playing VNs since Highschool, and I’ve already played 472 titles to this date. So, after getting that aside this new corner is for introducing notable VNs that I have played. Most of them will be only available in Japanese, but just remember the ones that you really like, who knows that someday they will be translated. So, without further a do I begin my first VN highlight.

The first VN that I want to shed light onto is Sekai de Ichiban NG (Dame) na Koi (The World’s Most Useless Love). NG Koi is a Slice of Life Drama about an unlucky man who kept getting many misfortunes ever since he got divorced with his wife. It uses “Love Triangle” themes and the good use of the term of “Being a Useless Man” which is different than your traditional and generic love driven stories. Released by Hermit in 2007 and already received a PSP port in 2011.


The Story starts a couple of years after the divorce. Yoshimura Osamu, a 29 year old man is now walking home after getting drunk. He recently lost his job due to corporate downsizing. He then meets a kind and attractive woman named Hinosaka Honoka, who tries to cheer him up and mentions that if he needs a place to stay, she can always come to her.
3 months after meeting with Honoka, He decides to take up on her offer. Arriving at her house which turns out to be a large boarding house, Honoka is nowhere to be found. Instead, he meets Honoka’s daughter Mitoko, who immediately slaps him thinking that he’s the man that took her mother away. After learning that Honoka ran off with a man, Osamu decides to stay and help Mitoko while she waits for her mother to return.
In his time staying in the boarding house, Osamu will meet with other women that are attracted to his “charms”. Amagi Kaya, his “My Own Pace” co-worker who he meets in his new work place, Sawashima Himeo, the rich and bourgeois girl who seems to be after the Land Rights for the boarding house and Kouno Asami, Mitoko’s homeroom teacher who is in fact also Osamu’s ex-wife.

Why do I like this Visual Novel?

Sekai de Ichiban NG na Koi is honestly more interesting and thought provoking than your regular love stories. The Love Triangle theme is not forced to a silly cat fight, Excellent character developments and emotional stories about fundamental values in your everyday life. NG Koi, is one of those VNs that I rarely press the “Skip” button just because almost every part is insteresting or funny. Ng Koi was also awarded with the Moe Game Award 2008 Purelove Champion.

Before the Divorce

Notes: The Original PC version is rated +18 for Adults, while the PSP port is rated +15 with the adult content removed.


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