Doujin Game: Mugen Nise Sato – First Disaster

What was originally an April Fool joke has now available as a legitimate PC game. Mugen Nise Sato – First Disaster is the first from the trilogy that Snow Gale is planning to release. To me, I couldn’t wait to get my hands off these games since I’m a fan of Valkyrie Profile.

Oh yes, this game employs the same battleground as Valkyrie Profile from Tri-Ace. In case you haven’t play Valkyrie Profile before, Mugen Nise Sato adopts the same linear world map adventure with interactive mini puzzle on the dungeon or city you are currently travelling. When you encounter an enemy, you will be brought to another terrain just like normal Role Playing Game (RPG) but then your party will form a diamond formation where the place of your character standing, represent the command you have to tap to attack your foes.

If you didn’t get any of that, you can just look at the video on how this game is played. Too bad that this game doesn’t provide soul crushes for every character. That would be so cool. I hope in the next game, they will implement that and if they do, this game will simply be one of the best games I ever played.

Unfortunately, this game doesn’t have any English translation I could found, so maybe you can go to a Youtube video and figure things out by doing what the video tells you to do. So, have fun playing and being nostalgic to those sweet time playing Valkyrie Profile.



11 responses to “Doujin Game: Mugen Nise Sato – First Disaster

    • Fixed. And this game rocks!I’m an avid fan of Tri-Ace and to see a similar game like Valkyrie Profile is an epic experience I would never trade.

  1. Actually the game has a kind of unfinished English Translation (Only the Story). You should try looking for it.

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