Visual Novel Highlight: Tsuyokiss

The Next VN that I want to shed some light is called Tsuyokiss.  Tsuyokiss (Strong Kiss) is a Slice of Life Comedy about the lives of a group of High school students and their comedic everyday events.  The Main protagonist of Tsuyokiss is a male student named  Leo Tsushima who’s secretly in love with the Student Council President, Erika Kiriya, who’s also the richest girl and eldest daughter of a big corporation.  Tsuyokiss was developed by Candysoft in 2005 and has already received an anime adaptation 2 sequels called Tsuyokiss Nigakki and Tsuyokiss Sangaki. The original Vn has also received  a PS2 port and a re-release  with the original character from the PS2 version ported into the new PC version.

The story starts when Leo and his group are running late to school, Kanisawa Kinu, the short-tempered girl, Date Subaru, the cool-headed childhood friend and Samesuga Shinichi, the pervert with glasses. When they barely reached the school gate , Kurogane Otome, from the disciplinary comittee, knocks down Leo’s group because they were late. It’s then revealed that Otome is Leo’s cousin that he haven’t seen for years.  After the events Otome decided to move in to the same house with Leo making his mediocre life more lively. On another day Leo is able to  join the student council  making him close to his secret love, Erika. In the student council he also meets with silent underclassmen Yashi Nagomi, who’ll always gets in an argument with Kinu. With the Re-release LEo also meets an old acquaintance from Junior Highschool, a stubborn girl who’s the leader of the Drama Club Sunao Konoe who hates the Student Council especially Erika, who she thinks is too self-righteous.

Why Do I like this Visual Novel?
Aside from the generic setting and themes, Tsuyokiss is not just another Love Comedy, it’s characters relationships and development has been highly praised. The comedy are always fresh and entertaining and the drama part of each character are also compelling. It’s one those stories that you need to read and experience it for yourself to enjoy it.

The Tough Girls of Tsuyokiss

Notes: The Original PC version is rated +18 for Adults, while the PS2 port is rated +15 with the adult content removed. This VN is still untranslated.


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