Visual Novel Highlight: Comic Party

The Next Visual Novel that I will highlight is honestly one of my favorite titles that I have played, and probably one the titles that influences me to play even more and adopt one of it’s character to be my internet persona. This visual Novel is called Comic Party.

Comic Party is a Visual Novel first released for the PC in 1999 by now famous VN company LEAF (Also called Aquaplus for their All Ages Category). Comic Party is one of the most well-known VN due to the fact that it was one of the first VNs to portray the real Otaku culture of Japan and the culture of Comic Market (Comiket) itself. Due to it’s popularity, this title has already received 2 Seasons worth of Anime, a manga adaptation, a Dreamcast port and later re-ported back to the PC with all the adult content removed, and finally a PSP port.


In early April, Kazuki Sendou who was a freshman in college was suddenly invited by his friend Taishi Kuhonbutsu to accompany him to Tokyo Big Sight. He was then surprised to see that there are many people waiting in lines to the an event he later founds out to be a “Comic Party”, a giant Doujinshi Convention. After reading and enjoying so many works by other unknown artists, Taishi then tries to convince Kazuki to start making Doujinshi since he already has the skills as a good artist, but Mizuki‘s who’s Kazuki’s childhood friend tries to stop him, because she thinks that otaku are smelly, dirty, and disgusting. Her reasoning doesn’t help because Kazuki already made up his mind and begins to draw his first dōjinshi. Together with Taishi who helps him logistically they’ve formed their own doujin circle called Brothers 2.


Yes, despite the nature of a traditional dating sim VN, where it’s just a point and click adventure, Comic Party does have a bit of gameplay. Your task is to arrange Kazuki’s schedule and activities before each and every “ComiPa”, from all his times to do his work as a doujinka, and times when he must socialize with other girls that he meets along the way. You need to decide about the pages, the number of copies to be sold and even the price. In the DC version there’s even a typing mini-game that relates to the quality of your own doujin, the faster you type, the better. Meeting with other heroines can’t be quite a difficult task since you need to balance your work and know the right time to meet them, passing a certain date will guarantee that you’ll miss one of their needed events to clear a heroines route.

Why Do I Like This VN

Different from other generic dating sim VN, this VN really offers the feel of immersion. All the work that you’ve done will be reflected in the quality and the number of sales in every end of a ComiPa. The story for this VN is quite “realistic” since it’s touches real life otaku subjects. You have Mizuki the otaku hater, Minami who’s one of the officials for ComiPa,  Reiko the cosplayer, and even Asahi the famous idol. You can actually relate to their problems and that’s one of the good points for Comic Party. It’s one of those must play classics.

Brothers 2 in Action

Notes: The Original PC version is rated +18 for Adults, while the Dreamcast port the PC re-port and PSP port is rated +15 with the adult content removed. This VN is still untranslated.


5 responses to “Visual Novel Highlight: Comic Party

  1. From the looks of it, this is quite the interesting visual novel… But if it’s so popular, why hasn’t it been translated? D:

    PS: you made a typo near the end of your 2nd paragraph, “adapataion” -> “adaptation” ;)

    • Translations of these kinds of things are a hit and miss cases. You don’t get “this” translated, but at the same time you get another VN from LEAF, which is “Utawarerumono” and “Tears to Tiara”.

      It all depends on the translators themselves. IMHO, most fan-translators tends to only care about the “deep mind blowing story” rather than laid back romance ones liked this. One example is, the Translation project for another LEAF VN, “To Heart 2”. To Heart 2 is one of the most “milked” franchise from LEAF, which is a sign of good popularity. But there’s only one guy translating the whole thing.

      Both Utawarerumono and Tears to Tiara are one of those in the “deep mind blowing story” section.

      Thanks for the typo pointed out.

  2. I really like these posts on older VNs. You are about one of two persons in this world who blog about older VNs in English that I know of. The other person is Mazyrian from seven nights translations

    Anyway thanks for the posts! always looking forward to your next piece.
    (ps: luv how they are short and succinct and completely readable. Id thumb up 10 times if I could)

    • Thanks for reading my posts.
      My main purpose is just to highlight VNs that are obscured, so I’m just aiming so that people know these VNs existed.

  3. Damn, too bad many of the VN’s you talk about are still untranslated. It seems like many would be quite nice to play.

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