Visual Novel Highlight: White Album

I decided to do another VN from LEAF, this one is called White Album. White Album tells a  love drama story about one’s hardship to maintain his love while dealing with real life issues. White Album’s love theme is rather serious when compared to other love themed VNs due to the fact that the protagonist is already in a relationship with one of the heroines prior to the start of the story. Meaning that if players decide to pursue other heroines, they must make the hard choice of breaking up with her for the sake of the new found love.

White Album was released in May 1, 1998 developed for the PC. It then also received a manga adaptation, a recent anime adaptation by Studio Seven Arcs which aired in January 2009, spanning 2 seasons.  It was remade for the PS3 in June 24, 2010 which is called  White Album: Tsuzurareru Fuyu no Omoide with new illustrations, full voice acting and Motion Portrait. Due to popular demand, AQUAPLUS the all age brand under LEAF, decided to port it to the PC. It has also birthed a successful sequel, called White Album 2.


Tōya Fujii, a twenty year-old university student in his second year attending university is facing a problem with his love life. His girlfriend, Yuki Morikawa who has been dating with him since Highschool is getting more popular as an Idol singer. Her popularity is slowly straining their relationship and in the end, Tōya must choose to fight or give up her love. In his life, He then meets with Yuki’s senior and the currently most popular idol Rina Ogata, who then will hire him as her manager. There are also 2 close friends of him, Misaki Sawakura his caring senior in highschool, and Haruka Kawashima, his quite childhood friend. To pay for his college fees, he also tutors highschool students, and one of his students is the antisocial Mana Mizuki. In his effort to keep in touch with Yuki, he must first deal with Yuki’s strict manager, Yayoi Shinozuka who will do anything to ensure that Yuki can focus on her singing career, even seducing Toya so that he can’t get in touch with Yuki. In the Ps3 remake we are introduced to one new character who is also a Newbie Idol, Sayoko Kisaragi.

Why Do I like This Visual Novel?

White Album is really has a mature story, it reflects how people will react and the hard decisions that they will make that will affect their life so you will feel what the protagonist felt. Besides that White Album has one of the most memorable soundtracks in VN history that will cause people to actually feel nostalgic if they here it again in the future. This shows really well in the sequel where they used Music as their main theme (I’ll talk about this in my next review). It’s considered as a Traditional Classic  in the VN world.

Notes: The Original ’98 PC version is rated 18+ for adults, The new Ps3 remake and PC port are rated +17 still for mature ages but with the adult contents removed. This VN is still untranslated. Pictures and Videos used in this post are from the remake.


9 responses to “Visual Novel Highlight: White Album

  1. I really like the reviews you write. It gives me a good view of some VN’s I’ve never heard of, yet look interesting.

  2. The VN certainly is cool due to the use of 3D graphics instead of the 2D tried-and-true sprites. The story however, without spoiling anyone who doesn’t know about the series, I didn’t like. Toya is almost as bad as Makoto…

    • Correct me if I’m wrong, but sounds like you only watched the anime.
      He’s not bad, He’s more realistic as a character. The difference with Makoto is:
      Tooya is just too kind to anyone, not like Makoto who let’s his “libido” do the thinking.
      That’s the main “drama theme” of White Album.
      “Kindness will sometimes do more harm then good”. The sequel White Album 2 is stronger at using this and I’ll get to that later when I have time to write it up.

      • Yeah, I’ve heard that a lot of the VN playing community considered Touya to be one of the most pathetic protagonists ever until KimiNozo and School Days came along (is it because in all but one route, Touya breaks Yuki’s heart by falling in love with someone else?). I personally would liked to have learned more, but this game isn’t going to be translated to English any time soon.

        Romi Park did a great job as Yayoi Shinozuka in the anime–I would have liked to learn about her route in the game, myself. Does Sayoko’s voice actress (Rina Satou) sing as well in this game?

      • I beg to differ; realism only goes so far as to feign ignorance.
        People are flawed, and that is understandable. However; you ought to be blind not to notice the changes around you due to your actions, and even after noticing; attempt at repercussions.
        And due to that reason alone; I felt that White Album suffers the from a weak MC.

  3. Sayoko singing? I honestly can’t remember, and I think she didn’t have a singing part in the VN. Can’t confirm it now, since I lent the game to a friend.

    • Wow, that’s too bad. You’d think that for a new idol you’d hear her singing.

      I’m surprised that they didn’t keep Matsuyama Menou from the anime. Shishido Rumi, her seiyuu, actually sang a very nice song for the soundtrack (it was called “Secret Chaos”).

      I wouldn’t mind learning about Yayoi’s route from you, if you could.

  4. Actually I’ll be more Surprised if they actually inserted Menou, since she’s an original anime character. Even the Sakura-dan was original lol.

    For Yayoi, she’s basically the same as in the anime, the only differences is that Touya can go steady with her, and break up with Yuuki. The anime literally showed 3/4 of her story in the anime.

    • Sorry, missed this one because it didn’t get in the reply queue. The White Album anime sadly does not go into just what Yayoi sees in Touya. She just goes to him after her stalker starts up his antics again.

      For all I saw, she could just be pretending affection for the sake of wrapping him around her finger (and away from Yuuki). The CG collection also shows the same one where they are hugging before Yuuki comes back–if Touya can actually break up with Yuuki in favour of Yayoi, the CG collection doesn’t appear to show it. I’d think such an event would result in Yuuki reacting negatively, such as the CG where Yuuki is shown to slap Rina after the latter “steals” Touya away from the former.

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