Game Nostalgia: Brigandine: The Legend Of Forsena

Haven’t done a Nostalgia for a while so here goes. The next game that I want to show is called Brigandine: The Legend of Forsena.

Brigandine is a Tactical RPG game, developed and released by Hearty Robin in 1998. In the same year ATLUS decided to port it into the North American market and then called it Brigandine: The Legend Of Forsena. In year 2000 Hearty Robin released a remake called Brigandine: Grand Edition. In this new remake, it uses new character designs, included new Cutscenes, character voicing and new characters, classes and monsters. Brigandine is a game about Kingdoms, Knights, Dragons and all things that scream out medieval. In this game the player will have to choose one of the available kingdoms and try to conquer all of Forsena. By waging wars with monsters summoned for this purpose. To conquer Forsena, you need to organize your Rune Knights, assign them with monsters and direct them to attack another kingdoms castles. Rinse and repeat until you’ll have the map of Forsena “dyed” in your kingdom colors, literally.


The story starts by showing us a rebellion of one of the Kingdoms in Forsena. the Kingdom of Almekia led by King Henguist in facing a rebellion by one of his own Rune Knight, Zemekis. Zemekis aided by the Death Knight, Cador came out triumphant and renamed the Kingdom as the Esgares Empire. The Son of the late King, Prince Lance managed to flee to the neighboring Kingdom of Padstow. King Cole who was a close friend of the late king decides to help Prince Lance by making him the new leader of Padstow and renamed it New Almekia. But the rebellion also becomes a trigger for other countries to start conquering Forsena. Caerlon, a land filled with talented magician led by The Silent Wise King, Kai who’s also a dear friends with Prince Lance. Norgard, the land of icy white snow, who just lost against Almekia in the previous war, led by Vaynard “The White Wolf” who’s famed for his Brilliance in strategies. Iscalio, a land filled with chaos where people just parties all the time, led by the Mad Monarch Dryst who thinks that all in his kingdoms is his belonging. Lastly, Leonia, a land of religion and peace who’s drawn into the war, led by Queen Lyonesse who was just a regular villager until prophecy appoints her as the new queen.

Grand Edition Opening Sequence


The gameplay is pretty simple like your normal tactical turn based games. first you choose one Kingdom, Each Kingdom has their own set of Rune Knight, starter monsters and their own Story. The main gameplay is divided into 2 phases. The first is Preparation mode, in this mode you do all the preparations. Moving units, summoning monsters, manage their equipments and appoints Knights in quests. In Quests Knights can receive a Stat raise, a rare equipment or a rare monster and some Knight will bring home other Knights to fight for you. Some of these Knights also have their own personal story that you can access by making them go to quests. The 2nd phase is the  Battle Mode, like it says this is the mode where you will start engaging enemy castles. After ordering to engage a castle, you will be brought into the battle map, where you control your units much like chess. One by one, each units moves in different ranges and way.  In the original edition, each time you issue an order to attack a unit, it will then show a 3D rendered battle scene where it shows the attack of each units. This feature was removed in the Grand edition to speed up the pacing of each battle, since most people will turn off that feature.

Overall Summary

Once again in my nostalgia reviews, Brigandine is one of the must play classics. There’s so much re-playability with 6 kingdoms to play with and don’t get me started on each personal stories for all the Rune Knights. the only problem with Brigandine is it’s slow pace fights. You don’t go and play Brigandine expecting adrenaline pumping pace. Basically if you can handle slow paced games or setting up everything like a D&D games or games like Warhammer, then you need to actually play this game. This game was released for the PSX and it’s now available in Sony’s PSN service.


3 responses to “Game Nostalgia: Brigandine: The Legend Of Forsena

    • Legally:
      -Go search through Ebay or other types on online store. This thing is old, you won’t find it instantly in stores.
      -Get a Ps3, buy it through the PS store

      -download the ISO and play it with an emulator (google it)
      -Get a modded PSP, find ISO, put in PSP.

  1. ahh definitely nostalgic an a definite classic. One of my all time favorite games.

    just some additional info:

    The remake, Brigandine: Grand Edition includes anime cut scenes, voice acting, multiplayer, new units, and slight mechanics change. Oh, and you get to kill the big big bad bad fugly boss that’s not in the original game.

    Sadly, there’s no official english translation but there are some unofficial patches one can use… though they’re not perfect and can cause frustrations.

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