Charlotte Dunois 1.1 PSP Theme

I thought about difference in color of themes a while back when I created the first version of this theme, which lead me to a Character over background style. Again, the image can be found in google, while everything else is part of a rainmeter theme.

Skin Name: Charlotte Dunois 1.0 PSP Theme

File Size: 165 KB

Color Theme: Blue, Grey, Yellow


Note: To install this theme, put the downloaded .ptf file in X:\PSP\THEME where X is your PSP memory card. If you do not have a THEME folder make a new folder and name it THEME and store the file in there. Afterward, disconnect your psp and on the psp menu screen, go to settings – theme settings – theme – (select the theme you want to apply). enjoy!
Helpful Picture:


10 responses to “Charlotte Dunois 1.1 PSP Theme

  1. Uhmm on what firm wares will this work on? Mine is a PSP 3004 with 6.39 pro b firmware and it sucks that it doesnt seem to work.. I love your theme btw

  2. Hmm same for the others.. I also loved your Kirino theme, it was the first one I tried but..yeah same thing happened with this.., I think I use ctf or something.. >.<\

  3. Oh btw I forgot to thank you for making the Kore wa Zombie desu ka?
    Theme :DD Its nice but oh man..hahaha Thanks a lot!

  4. Ah finally I found out that the theme doesnt work on custom firmwares.. >.< But it worked perfectly when I restarted my psp :DD Sugoii!! Thanks again :D

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