Game Nostalgia: Azure Dreams

Azure Dreams is a PlayStation game developed and released by Konami. It was originally released in Japan  on November 13, 1997 called Other Life: Azure Dreams. It was then localized into North America on June 30, 1998 removing the Character Voicing and chaing most of the button layouts. Later it was ported to the Gameboy Color with the Dating Sim element completely removed. Azure Dreams is basically a RPG/Dungeon Crawler game with Sim city, Pokemon and Dating elements.


Azure Dreams is set in a fantasy town called Monsbaiya. Set in the desert, the town prospers only because of the Monster Tower looming over it. In this town lives a skilled and famous monster tamer named Guy. On a stormy day, Guy disappears in the tower, never to be seen again. Ever since he disappeared, Guy’s family has struggled to get by, putting all their hopes on Koh, his son, who will be allowed to enter the tower when he reaches the age of 15. When Koh finally reaches adulthood, he meets a vagabond familiar named Kewne, a monster that can speak the human language. Kewne and Koh then embark on a quest to reach the top floor of the Monster Tower and find out the truth about Guy’s fate. (wikipedia)

Along the way he can help the residents of Monsbaiya buy rebuilding the town, and completing request to help them improve the town more. In the case of the girls of Monsbaiya, you will need to help their problems and get closer to them.


Azure Dreams is  mixture of many gaming elements. The main gameplay for Azure dreams is the Dungeon Crawling part, where you need to climb the 100 floor tower that will never stay the same due to it’s random floor generator. To help you on your main quest you can find Monster Eggs that you can hatch and make it your familiar. Monster raising is very important because there is one Tower trait that makes this important: “Each time you escape the tower, your Level will reset to 1”, but this won’t effect monsters or your equipments and items.

Besides the main quest there’s also the dating simluation element, where Koh can get mutiple girls to like hime by helping their problems and being a nice guy overall. In Azure Dreams there are 7 girls that you can “conquer” their hearts:

  • Nico, the childhood friend tomboy, who aims to make Monsbaiya a beautiful city.
  • Selfi, the sexy and rich also tower climber, that you will meet up mostly in the tower itself.
  • Fur, the cynical owner of the General Store, who sometimes acts bipolar by looking down on Koh.
  • Patty, the daughter of the town chef, who dreams to someday be allowed to cook of her customers.
  • Vivian, the aspiring dancer, who has a gambling problem.
  • Cherrl, the bedridden girl with incurable disease, which can only be healed with a certain herb located in the higher levels of the tower
  • Mia, the nerdy bespectacled bookworm girl, who starts stalking you when she likes you.

The last side-quest for this game is developing the city of Monsbaiya into a more beautiful oasis. You can donate some of your earning from climbing the tower to build many new facilities in town such as, a renovate the monastery, build a theater and a Casino. You can also renovate your own home. There’s aslo the swimming pool where you can see the girls you’ve conquered in their swimsuits, but re-opening the swimming pool has its own quest that you need to complete.

Overall Summary

Azure Dreams is a good game made by Konami. Graphically, the game is a bit rough. While characters are sprite-based, the backgrounds are fully polygonal and can be rotated 360 degrees, Azure Dreams can be described as messy – colorful, but messy. But don’t let that effect your motivation, because Azure Dreams has a sold gameplay and replayability that will make you play this game for hours and hours. Konami has created an RPG that has SimCity, Monster Rancher, and role-playing game mixed up into a good game. With a heartwarming story of discovery and companionship to boot.


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