Innocence of Muslims: Trolls That Get Fed Will Bite You Back Hard

The rage against the film that was supposed to be a flat-out-garbage film continues. It seems moslems are offended by a film called Innocence of Muslims which surprise surprise, is not what it’s like on the title.

Moslems people stormed out the street protesting the film and they were insulted that their prophet is being falsely portrayed. It seems they are angry to America and Jews for producing such a controversial movie. And you know how moslems will react if there’s a Jew involve in such blasphemous act, right?

Now, good people of moslems around the world. I say your protest to the extend of anarchy is a lost cause. First, you are angry to the  wrong guy. The director of this film is a soft porn director and is written by an Egypt coptic Christian (You can see it here). So, you are angry at wrong nation and the wrong race. And you think this insidous garbage is a representative to the US view of Islam? Hells no!

Just look at the screenshot on the left, does this look like a professional work for you? This film was literally unknown or ever existed. And hell, I would never watch or take this film seriously if it weren’t for you moslem guys blabbering about it on your protest. And did you know that the actors and actress’ lines were dubbed. Look closely to the video:

You can see that there are lines that doesn’t match with the lips of the actors and actress. Most notable dubbed lines are Moslem terrorist, Muhammad, Koran constitutions, and so on. You can see that this film is nothing but a third-grader project that got ugly as hell. Again, people will not even give a damn about this garbage. This garbage is just a troll to upsets the moslems and as expected, they got trolled. So congratulation, people of moslems, you just learnt a good lesson of not feeding into trolls.


8 responses to “Innocence of Muslims: Trolls That Get Fed Will Bite You Back Hard

  1. One of the many things you have to remember or take in retrospect is that most of the people actually doing the rioting are most likely not very well educated. They are brought up to believe that the Imam would never lie because he is a man telling the world about Islam. The Imam gets the undereducated person to believe what he is saying is true then they start going after the individuals in the West because the Imam said it was ok by Allah. Of course not all the belevers in Islams are undereducated or all Imams are bad. Unfortunately, the Christians and the Jewish faiths have also had their period of misinforming the masses and.

    • What I don’t understand is that these people claimed that Islam is the religion of peace while in fact they usually eager to use force and intimidation to make a statement. I thought their religion has a story about the prophet that a person insulting him, but the prophet keeps smiling. I wonder why they don’t follow that gallant behaviour?

  2. Islam by definition means ”entering peace”.It teaches us to be peaceful and kind to others.The Koran say ”killing one innocent person is like killing the whole of humanity.” I m Proud to be a Muslim.^_^.We should not judge Islam by its followers.But to follow and believe in Koran and teachings of Holy Prophet Muhammed (P.B.U.H.).The Protest should be peaceful.

  3. this is just a matter of who have a BIGGER ego to begin with…seriously saying…i dont want to insult any religious, but sometime religious…they are really annoying. Live for PEACE.

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