Prita Free: A Sigh of Relief to The Free Speech in Indonesia

After a long-ass 5 years of undetermined result, Prita Mulyasari v Omni Hospital International case has put to an end. I’m glad to report to you that this lady got her freedom of speech and is free from all charges that is initially put on her.

If you guys have no idea about this case is about you can read two articles and get aquainted about the case:

Coin For Justice — How We Mourn On The Death Of Free Speech In Indonesia

Coin For Justice — Money For Relieving Prita Case Reach Near 1 Billion Rupiah

The decision to free Prita has been long overdue since the initial charges was so ridiculous. You would think that this case is a no brainer but I guess it took 5 years for the judges that complaining to your hospital about how poor you are being treated to your friends has no ground for a sue.

This decision at least is a sigh of relieve to the unjust treatment of free speech. I guess people still give a damn about free speech and we will do what’s matter to keep our freedom guaranteed to the very end. I know that Prita has been tormented about the long processed of the law but let it be known that you don’t have to back down your opinion when you want to speak it out. We the people, will always give a damn and care about our freedom to express ourselves and will fight for our freedom together. Congratulation to Prita for your freedom and let this case reflects to the court how ridiculous UU ITE is.

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