Visual Novel Highlight: Double Cast

Sorry that I haven’t posted in awhile, got a nasty fever going on, but it’s gone down for now. since I’m healthy enough to write, I’ll make up for the days of my absence. Today’s VN highlight will be Double Cast. But before that  apologize if this post is shorter than my other ones. It’s because it’s hard to find the release info about this.

Double Cast is the first title in the “Yarudora” series (short for Yaru Dorama, “do it yourself drama”). Double Cast is an interactive movie VN, developed by Sugar & Rockets and published by SCE Studios Japan, with animations by Production I.G. It was first released in 25 June, 1998 for the Playstation and then received a port to the PSP in 28 July 2005.

Double Cast has multiple endings and despite it’s first impressions and outward appearance of a love story, it’s also a genuine Psycho thriller story. There are actually 17 Bad Ends mostly involving the deaths of the main characters, combined with 6 Normal endings and 4 Good endings there are 27 endings in total. Double Cast mainly plays out like a normal VN, but with animated scenes and events, making it like watching an anime. Both Ports for Double Cast are rated 12+.


The game begins with you, the main character, waking up at a fountain to the face of a pretty girl. You are a high school boy, and this girl has helped you out of the garbage where you had passed out in a drunken stupor. (Talk about first impressions!) As it turns out, she cannot remember anything about herself except for her name, Akasaka Mitsuki. Since she has no place to stay, you offer your own, and so begins your unusual relationship with this spirited girl. When your film club finds itself in need of a female lead, Mitsuki joins in, and from there the main story begins to unfold.
The object of DOUBLE CAST is not to score with Mitsuki, as one might think. The game bills itself as “suspense drama,” and the opening flashes scenes of explosions and knife-wielding assailants to the hard beat of the theme song “Door.” As shooting of the film progresses, mysterious incidents occur one after another, all centering around Mitsuki. Who is this girl, and what secret does her forgotten past conceal? (taken from

Why Do I Like This Visual Novel?

Double Cast is a good VN that can actually balance a nice love story, with it’s Psycho thriller side. It’s actually more challenging than it looks, because you actually need to interact with all the main characters and not the main female character only. You need to get certain “flags” to actually get some of the endings. Some might feel worthless, but it will pull it’s weight in the end. In the end I was so hooked to this, at one time, I actually planned to see all the bad endings first. Warning though, the deaths in the bad endings can a be a bit gruesome for the faint heart.


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