Android Apps: Werza Live Wallpaper

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen, just like I promised before I have developed a personalization application for your Android device featuring girls from visual novels. The concept is simple, your Android device will have an animated and interactive wallpaper that you can play with.

Application Name: Werza Live Wallpaper

File Size: 19.2 MB

Device Support: Android

OS Support: 2.3.3 or up


– Pick from 10 different backgrounds.
– Background adapts the local time of your phone (morning, evening, night) and change according to the time.
– Animated facial exression.
– Character will be blushed if you touch the screen.
– Character will be sad if your battery level drops below 30%.
– Naked version of the character.


Note: To use this application, once you have finished installing the application access the Wallpapers menu via the Home screen by either do a long press or press the menu button. Then, choose the Live Wallpaper option and click the Werza Live Wallpaper option. To activate the live wallpaper, press the Set Wallpaper option. Congratulation! Now your Home Screen is cuter!


61 responses to “Android Apps: Werza Live Wallpaper

  1. Thanks for the wallpaper, nice job xD.. But I had trouble to make it as my live screen wallpaper.. it said “force close” something like that.. Im currently using galaxy y with 2.3.6 gingerbread version.. I really want that wallpaper.. Hope u can find a solution please.. U has done a very great job.. keh3 xD

  2. sort of.. When the application loading.. a pop up say “the application Werza live wallpaper(process stopped unexpectedly.Please try again”.. I has retry it about ten time and the result still the same.. T.T..

  3. Yey! Work on my phone flawlessly!! Love this apps. Hope devalope more in future, especially for miku!!
    Waiting for another apps from u. ;DD

  4. Hi Kazasou. I’m using Galaxy Y and i already installed the wallpaper. But it seems like my phone screen (240×320) can’t fit the wallpaper since i can only see her body. xD I hope you can make this wallpaper for a smaller screen device in the next update. Anyways, thank you for this live wallpaper. You’re really smart..!

      • Thank you for the quick reply. I’ve updated the live wallpaper to version 1.2. But, when I want to set the wallpaper, I only get a black screen. Like a black wallpaper, whether when the preview and after I set the wallpaper. Sorry for bugging you with my problems. xD There’s just no way I’m gonna miss this awesome wallpaper. Haha.

      • Right, that would be my fault. It seems there is a float overflow on my calculation for smaller resolution screen devices. Will upload a new update ASAP.

      • Yeah!! Finally, there’s a cute girl on my phone screen. xD Thank you so much for your hard word, Kazasou. I really appreciate it! And there’s no more problem to force close the wallpaper. Thanks a lot! xD

  5. Hello so umm I download it and followed as instructed buuut its not functioning as a live wallpaper but instead its like a normal wallpaper.. no actions whatsoever

  6. The live wallpaper crashed after approximately 1 hour of use and now it crashes when I try to use it for more than a minute. I just got the error message:
    The application Werza Live Wallpaper (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try agian. The options are Force close and Report.
    Not sure why it happened but if I find out anything I will let you know.

    • I realized that there is a memory leak when generating the animation. I have already thought of a solution for this. Unfortunately, I will have to update it tomorrow at the university since my internet connection at my house sucks.

  7. I found an error on the application. Apparently when I activate the wallpaper while charging it works fine however, what seems to be causing the force shutdown on my phone is the unplugging of the charge cord. I don’t know anything about phones but maybe this information will help you in making further wallpapers. FYI I’m running LG Optimus Elite. Hope this helps. Thank you for the wallpaper.

  8. Works on Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 without any errors (2.3.6). Only problem is that the picture looks like it has low quality and that is kinda sad. Hoping when this one is optimized that you make a Izayoi Sakuya version : P

  9. no problems here so far been using it for 2 hours .. although image quality has drop .. keep up the good work
    using it on a lg optimus v
    android 2.3.7

  10. I did download the wallpaper but when I tried to open it, it says it cannot parse the package. (i might got this wrong. Typed it out of memory.) Any ideas how to fix this somehow?

  11. After downloading i went to the live wallpaper option via the the home screen and the app/download doesn’t appear. I’ve tried downloading twice.

  12. hy. i tried to download it but i only get a error:
    404 Error File Not Found
    The page you are looking for might have been removed,
    had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

    can someone please help me here?

  13. I’m on a Galaxy S5 & can’t download it :( Every time I try, it says download failed. (I have enabled d/loads from outside of the play store and it still doesn’t work) is there anywhere else I can get this LWP from? :)

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