Android Apps: Rulis Live Wallpaper

It’s time to shed some light to a tsundere character for your live wallpaper after Werza has been quite a hit in this blog. Now, this live wallpaper incorporate a new feature which is voice-enabled when you touch her. Enjoy, people! And have a nice day!

Application Name: Rulis Live Wallpaper

File Size: 8.5 MB

Device Support: Android

OS Support: 2.3.3 or up


– Pick from 10 different backgrounds.
– Background adapts to the local time of your phone (morning, evening, night) and changes according to the time.
– Animated facial expression.
– Character will blush if you touch the screen.
– Character will be sad if your battery level drops below 30%.
– Ecchi version of the character.
– Sound Enabled character (New Feature!)


Note: To use this application, once you have finished installing the application access the Wallpapers menu via the Home screen by either do a long press or press the menu button. Then, choose the Live Wallpaper option and click the Rulis Live Wallpaper option. To activate the live wallpaper, press the Set Wallpaper option. Congratulation! Now your Home Screen is cuter!


36 responses to “Android Apps: Rulis Live Wallpaper

    • You know what’s worst?
      I’m the co-creator of the app, and none of my android devices are compatible, since all of them are older devices. The irony lol
      -Samsung Galaxy Mini
      -Samsung Galaxy Tab (the first one)

      • Ouch. Well at least its still better than having Symbian.
        Goog Guy Kaimax – Can’t use the app, helps creating it anyways xD

  1. Wow.. man.. I once donated to your website and now you’re charging for apps?
    I guess it’s no longer “Because it’s something worth sharing” rather “Because, fuck you we want money”

    • First, be pragmatic. If you look at the About page, the donation hasn’t been updated for God knows when. That’s why I unfortunately have to settle with ads on my website which is fucking annoying and makes it ugly. Even that, some of you guys didn’t even bother clicking on it or perhaps installed an adblock to prevent seeing the ads. And now, you are whining about me charging an app for 50 cents and calling me greedy? Get real man, domain hosting, bandwidth upgrade, and space upgrade needs cost.

    • And did I ever charge you for Rainmeter, Chrome, Firefox, or Winamp skin? Did I ever whine if somebody modify or copy my creation and put them on their blog? It’s just that making an app for Android consumes a lot of time and the degree to make one is different from the other skins that I made. Am I so greedy to ask you to buy this app for 50 cents which by the way previously I launch it for free for you to try and will not make that first version commercialized?

      • I’ll try to be as reasonable as I can to you…
        I am grateful indeed for what you have done.. I am using a firefox theme and winamp skin.
        No you haven’t charged for it.. however when i first started to browse this website at first I downloaded the TOUHOU/GIRL WELDING WEAPONS wallpaper.. and those are just a compilation..
        Then I started to check the winamp skins.. etc etc..
        I liked it when i was

        I just don’t see it right. to charge for something at this point.. you either share it or you don’t… Specially if you don’t own the rights to sell it.
        Everybody starts that way… at first it’s just an app and if it keeps on being popular it will be more.. and more expensive.

      • And what about doujin? They use other people’s characters right? Are you saying that programming skill to make an app from a visual novel character is not the same as making a doujin?

      • I don’t know how japanese Laws work on there… but there are 2 things that are certain..
        they draw THEIR own Art.. even if they try to imitate or copy the work of other, at the end it’s their own draw.
        They use different name of the actual series… take for example one of the most recents uploaded into a very popular hsite.. based on toradora! It’s named Hirudora!

        I am a pianist, I upload videos on youtube of my very own compositions and belive me.. money it’s the last thing I’m gonna get, not because I don’t want to but today’s industry it’s different.. Although that no longers breaks my dreams..
        but once again.. I composed that music so I have the right to sell it if I want. I own my own copyright.. Let’s say for example you use my music for eveytime your touch the screen it rings one of my songs.. I could sue you for that.
        It should work the same if the company finds out you”re selling one of their character images.

      • So if I pull a photoshop and copy the artwork pixel per pixel that makes it eligible since I myself reconstruct the character? Where do you draw the line of copying? So if I change the name of the character, it is eligible to sell? Okay, for the next app I’m gonna team up with an artist to make an anime character.

      • The problem ofcourse is not that you’re using them.. but selling it.
        when money is involved it’s different.

      • Also remember that the voice acting it’s incluided aswell and it’s not something you can MAKE UP(as covering).
        Anyway.. I still can’t agree to it.. isn’t there a better way? Like selling Shirts or something?

      • That’s okay, I’m gonna make a deal with the original creator so I can get a pass. And who will make the t-shirt? I certainly don’t have the time and who will distribute those t-shirt overseas?

  2. 50 cents you say? It says 1 dollar.. atleast on my currency it is.. if you’re that hungry for tell me how much you need .. I’ll send you the money but re-up the APP FOR FREE…
    it’s not cool to charge money for art and stuff you didnt draw.. that’s a copyright infringement.

    • We need to buy a dedicated server to host the skins and wallpapers independently and that will cost about 50 dollars per month. Are you sure you are up to that? If yes, then I will put the apps for free.

      • Do you really need a dedicated server?
        Back then you just uploaded em to hostservers, From the begining I didn’t see the need to buy a domain to beguin with.

      • Which is lent from a very generous man by the way. And now, it’s getting a little bit crowded. The first host server can’t manage hot links that’s why I need to use the space upgrade from WordPress to accomodate Lucy’s Wallpaper Pack posts. And now, I have personally requested her not to post any wallpaper pack until we get a decent space upgrade again. I’m very sadden about this state and that’s why I needed the money so I can manage my own server.

      • The domain was very crucial when you search from Google. And it’s not right to put when you have more than 20 authors that want to publicize their stuff to the world. That’s why we make it official to show our seriousness. Don’t say the domain thing is not important because that’s the reason why we become bigger.

  3. Well, at first I thought “Not Free?” :okay.jpg:
    then I look at the price, $0.65
    I guess it’s ok this time, but when I want to pay, there’s only google wallet and no paypal. (srsly I prefer paypal and I never ever have any other payment method)

    could it be simpler?

  4. Making Android apps is an annoying and long process, so I agree with the price tag. I still click on the ads occasionally to support the website. I am just waiting for the right character image. I will buy the app once I see a character I like :)

  5. Here’s a suggestion, if I may:
    Besides the current URL link to the app, why not have a QR code link as well? It would make it easier for people browsing the blog on their computers since they would be able to go directly to the app on their phones.

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