Kesuki’s Music/Video of the Day Part 1 – Imagination Forest

Hello everyone,

Still working on finding a store that sells various touhou albums around Beppu. But to hopefully occupy minds and bring nostalgia..

Here is a Youtube video that makes Kesu’s day whenever it gets incredibly busy!

One day… Kesu will get better at the piano to play this song *_*

But first on the list to learn is Toradora’s Lost my Pieces!

Hope everyone enjoys the video =D

gogo Usa-chan~ (lyrics below)


Imagination Forest

The summer breeze knocks, And when I open up the window, I hear the chirps of birds wandering from afar

I put a half-read book aside, And say with a smile, “Where did you come from?” With my blindfold still on, three in the afternoon…

The world is surprisingly simple, But it’s me who’s bizarre, With complication which no one ever understands…

Outside the town, in the forest, in this house beyond people’s notice… Yes, that’s why none ever come to visit.

Don’t make eye contact! With a hardened heart, I resign to loneliness, Living out my days seeing only “things”… All I know are what’s in stories, And if I long for the world, just a bit, Will you forgive me for it?

It faintly flowed along; Even in this irrationality I was born into, Surprisingly, there was life. Somewhere inside me.

Tell me, won’t that wide world In which I imagine a wild future, Whether it be today or tomorrow… Won’t it knock on my door?

As I was having such fantasies, And gazing outside, I suddenly heard someone speaking…

I knocked over my half-drunk herb tea, Spilling it all over the desk “What am I to do…?” I thought, staring past the door.

“Look anyone in the eyes, and they’ll turn to stone…” That’s what my parents had heard, And it seemed my eyes were the same…

And the way that always goes in stories… Well, such people are to be feared. I knew that, and that’s why.

A thumping sound echoed out, The first knock I’d ever heard And to say I was nervous… It wouldn’t be quite enough.

Let me say, that wild world That I had imagined to knock… In reality, it opened the door Much more easily than I expected.

Finding me cowering, covering my eyes, The person was surprised; “If I look you in the eye… turn to stone…” I stammered, but they just smiled

“I’ve been living afraid as well, Afraid I’d turn to stone… But wouldn’t the world be so much better Without that fear?”

Reverberating peacefully, My heart overflowed with imagination, And a bit of it rang out into the world…

And tell me, you who came to me To teach me about a wild future… That if I’m ever lost again, You’ll be here waiting for me.

The summer breeze comes again and blows the hood you gave me, And I let it oh-so-gently sway in the wind.


5 responses to “Kesuki’s Music/Video of the Day Part 1 – Imagination Forest

    • It’s not difficult finding them on google : Imagination Forest being part of the famous Kagerou Project, all the songs from Mekakucity’s days (original CD where it comes from) are pretty easy to see, even on YT itself. Well, that could be aesthetic putting them here. Thanks for sharing this, the anime is coming soon, can’t wait until it >w<

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