Android Apps: Mimiko Ririshiro Anime Live Wallpaper

Mimiko Ririshiro is also now available as an Android Live Wallpaper. Her voice sounds a little bit formal unlike the previous live wallpaper which is a tsundere. Alternate pose for her is also available in the option menu. Enjoy.

Application Name: Mimiko Ririshiro Anime Live Wallpaper

File Size: 7.5 MB

Device Support: Android

OS Support: 2.3.3 or up


– Pick from 10 different backgrounds.
– Background adapts the local time of your phone (morning, evening, night) and change according to the time.
– Animated facial expression.
– Character will be blushed if you touch the screen.
– Character will be sad if your battery level drops below 30%.
– Ecchi version of the character.
– Sound Enabled character (New Feature!)


Note: To use this application, once you have finished installing the application access the Wallpapers menu via the Home screen by either do a long press or press the menu button. Then, choose the Live Wallpaper option and click the Mimiko Ririshiro Live Wallpaper option. To activate the live wallpaper, press the Set Wallpaper option. Congratulation! Now your Home Screen is cuter!


19 responses to “Android Apps: Mimiko Ririshiro Anime Live Wallpaper

  1. I can’t seem to find the wallpaper on Google Play. Anyway,the wallpaper looks great. Most of the live wallpaper that you made for the Android contain characters from Semen Security 2009.

  2. Yeah please, I also bought a Android APP just recently and It would suck because I really wanted it =/
    pretty please

  3. What are you goin to do now Souza? Make em public or find an alternative?
    Although it will be probably the same

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