First Look: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012)

Jojo's Bizarre AdventureAdapted from the long running manga that has been serialized from 1986 and still running strong with the newest 8th part of the series called Jojolion. The base story for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, is the long destined battle of the Joestar family against the vampires. In this first part of there series which is called Blood Phantom, is where the battle starts.

The story begins when the head of the Joestar family, George Joestar got into a deadly accident which killed his wife. He was found by a stranger who’s actually looting their corpse called, Dario Brando. Thinking that he was saved by him, he then offers any kind of help if Dario needs to. The story later skips to a time where his son Jonathan Joestar is a young teenager who’s aspiring to be a fine english gentleman. also at that time, Dio Brando the son of Dario was sent to the Joestar household to be cared and supported, because his father, Dario has died and sent a letter to George to take care of his son as the payment for saving his life back then.

It is then revealed that Dio is not what he seems. Despite being more of a gentleman than Jojo (nickname for Jonathan) in this time he’s actually a treacherous and sadistic by nature. He steals Erina Pendleton’s first kiss who’s Jojo’s crush. And in revenge to Jojo beating him in a fight he then burns Jojo’s dog, Danny alive in the incinerator.

Anime Trailer

Well, this is as far as I can take before spoiling too much. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’s 1st Part is more themed on mystery and horror, but will always include manly fights. While the rest will take a different theme. This anime has been confirmed for 26 episodes, and rumors say that they will also include Part 2, which is called Battle Tendency, that will star Jonathan’s grandson, Joesph Joestar who is also called Jojo, and the rest of the main character will somehow can be nicknamed as Jojo. Basically Jojo is a shonen fighting anime story, with over the top fights and overflowing with testosterone male characters. So, if you like that or don’t mind it, try watch it and found out why this series has been long running for 25 years.

Here’s the Opening song and Ending Song

JoJo ~Sono Chi no Sadame~



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