Ganbatte, OnimenoJ-san!

I have just received a rather sad news. This concerns one of our fellow author in Randomness Thing. Just today, I received an email from OnimenoJ that he has fell into ill. This illness rendering him incapable of leaving his bed and therefore Onimenoj thinks that he probably has a short time left. The bad news that he probably won’t be ever back again to Randomness Thing.

Probably you have notice by now that OnimenoJ is our fellow author in Randomness Thing and this generous guy lend us his server to host other authors’ artwork such as wallpaper packs, rainmeter, google chrome skins, and other desktop goodies.

So, it might be possible that I have to search for a new server to host all the files in Randomness Thing. I will make a day that all the files in Randomness Thing inaccessible just as a tribute to OnimenoJ. So finally, I wish you well soon, buddy. We, at Randomness Thing, are cheering you for your health.


Souza Nurafrianto a.k.a kazasou


11 responses to “Ganbatte, OnimenoJ-san!

  1. I have been sick a few times.. and depresion can come along.. you think about your life.. you think about what you got.. what you have lost.. It’s a long and painful mental process.
    I don’t know what he feels right now.. I don’t know him.. But I have been through alot too.. SO from Man to Man OnimenoJ!
    I don’t know how you feel. You might feel Lonely.. you might feel in dispair.. and although we don’t know each other I am right here right now. Cheering for you to find the courage you need to go on… Don’t give up.. struggle..
    if there it’s something that makes you happy keep it always on mind and keep moving towards it

  2. I don’t usually comment but I hope you get better man I really appreciate the work you guys do. sorry I’m not that great at this sort of thing but hope everything works out in time.

  3. get well soon… but please… let me ask this retard question.. how he mail you when he cant get off his bed = =…….

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